A woman in Anhui is kneeling in the street, while crying while crying: I beg you to let me let me.

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A woman in Anhui is kneeling in the street, while crying while crying: I beg you to let me let me.

2021-11-30 06:02:13 37 ℃

"Under the public, what is the body", we often listen to the elders in the TV series to teach children, but in reality, there are some young people who don't care about their own image, and make people attractive things under the majestic public. .

In a street in Anhui, I am far away. I am looking at it in a direction, between the cement road, a woman is giving a boy. Is the couple quarrel? Or is it not owed?

A woman in Anhui is kneeling in the street, while crying while crying: I beg you to let me let me.

These two people look for more than 20 years old, girls comb their shawl hair, white skirts are matched with black long clothes, although they can't see their faces, but it looks more temperament. The boys are a casual dress, which is a cleaner type.

I saw that the woman was in front of the young man, she cried and shouting. It seems that the woman is very excited, and the man is sitting on the ground, watching the woman crying, looking at the woman, looking at the woman, also on the screen Can see him very calm.

A bunch of flowers are placed next to the two, from this clue we can guess, these two are dead because of feelings, but not for money, etc., who is the people who want to love?

It turns out that this woman has always speaking words: I beg you to let me! Also let yourself. It seems that men's pursuit of women do not do. However, the situation of boys pursue girls is incoming, why did they develop to this extent?

According to a matter of concern, this guy began to pursue this woman from the university, until now, I have already pursued it for 5 years. I always take it out of time, but the woman is already clear: I don't like him, let him Don't waste time.

However, this man is too deep, even the woman already has a boyfriend, but also insists on a variety of holiday gifts, and after returning to a few times, I started anonymous gift, and the woman didn't have less because of this and the boyfriend quarrel. The whole person is a pressure.

This man knew that the woman would go through this, she bought flowers here. After waiting until the woman arrived, they did not say that they would give flowers, "don't still rely", I hope that the other party can accept it, but the woman thinks I can't accept the flowers sent by people who don't like it, so I have happened what happened.

Seeing such a scene, I heard this, the passers-by can't see it, some people think that the two really do not need to handle private problems under the majestic investei. Some people think this is too infatuated, and some people think that the woman's reaction is too intense.

The author has something to say:

I like it is a person's thing, because I like it is the matter of two people. Although the truth of this guy is very touched, it is obvious that it has become the burden of this girl. If you really like it, why not put it? Over her.

The author believes that the real favorite should be considered for the other party. If the other party is in the empty window, then you pursue she is unquestionable, but if the other party has a happy life, it should give each other enough space and time.

However, although the young man is rejected, it does not mean that you are not good enough, but she is not your destined person, I hope that this young man can realize that I have the impact of my life, and can This truth gives the other half of the truly accompanying you.

There are some boys who pursue girls only three minutes of blood, but should be self-sincere because they are not sincere, I hope that boys can master the degree of pursuit of girls. I know when I should attack, when I should check it.

Today's topic: Will you be touched by someone who has been pursuing yourself?