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National award!Better in technology

2021-11-30 06:03:28 70 ℃

Countless hard work day and night

They embellish youth with dreams

Work with hard work

In the most beautiful year bloom the most beautiful


Sun Yisheng

2020-2021 School Year National Scholarship Winner

Economic and Trade College 2019 Marketing Professional 01 Class


Grade ranked first in Ban

First rank first

School-level excellent group

Outstanding group

Computer a certificate

Two excellent scholarships

EMP Mandarin Certificate

Practice is the only standard for inspection truth. Sun Yuxi regularly participates in quality expansion activities, carrying out the "King Glory Competition" with the Evolution Society, "Kings" Basketball "GFS" basketball cup, participate in the "Sichuan Moral Model Tour", take the initiative to participate in class collective activities ...

The goal is established. In the process of learning and practice, Sun Yusheng is not discouraged by any difficulties, and the twists and turns are not discouraged, and they don't easily change their own goals, and try to learn and struggle, so they will achieve themselves. the goal of. Summer 2019, he served as a personalist in Deyang Tianzhang Project Management Co., Ltd.; in September 2020, he took the initiative to participate in the "National Seventh Census"; In the summer vacation in 2021, go to Chengdu Zhongtian fitness enterprise to serve secretary; in September 2021, he participated in Chengdu "shell to find a house" business tradition.

Rui Rong

School of Medicine and Health 2020 Care 02

College Students' Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Science Competition "First Prize"

English Corner Startup Ceremony "First Prize"

International Youth Volunteers help exercise love to create a Liangshan nutrition breakfast "Best Volunteer"

Nurse's Day Wine Art Exhibition "Third Prize"

China Shennong Frame Travel Research "Excellent Volunteer Certificate"

Apartment Cultural Festival Aviation "Second Prize"

"The China" Microfilm Competition "Volunteer Service Certificate"

People must always find a favorite thing ... Let you become different from others, let you become a fun person. Following interest guidance, Mu Ruirong integrates himself into your hobby, adheres to reading, writing, photography, video editing ... In Dream Road, she always got practical and serious.

Hobbies can not only cultivate our noble sentiments, but also make our lives more colorful. She said: "The university is concerned about me, although I have made great progress, but I have a sea, I will continue to make persistent efforts, I will continue to update myself, and use my own advantages. Go to create better results. "

Wang Yi Confucianism

Emergency Management School 2019 Fire Engineering Technology 01 Class

National inspirational scholarship

Academy first scholarship

Outstanding student leaders

Outstanding group

Three good students

Rigorous and practical, willing to dedicate. Wang Yuru served as the minister of the school's Ministry of Executive, it can be said that two thirds of her university are engaged in volunteer services, she loves and work hard. During his job, she organized more than 20 volunteer services such as "free blood donation", "love fundraising" and "Samsung Stacks Volunteer Service".

Learn, the foot is down. In order to combine the fire majors, she uses the spare time, leading the fire engineering classmates, to promote fire safety knowledge, participate in fire safety activities, explain fire protection cases, fire hazards, self-rescue escape and other fire protection knowledge .