[Police emblem sparkle] police emblem shines the beginning of the reunion

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[Police emblem sparkle] police emblem shines the beginning of the reunion

2021-11-30 06:02:38 28 ℃

01 learning sentiment

Yongyi, promoting high quality development of public security work

The Chief Plenary Session of the 19th CPC in the Party is an important historical moment of the 10th anniversary of the party. The first hundred years of struggle in the party and the people, building a well-off society in an all - round way, is building a second socialist modern power country. A major historical juncture that has been moved in a hundred years of struggle, and a meeting with great historical conference. Tianzhu County Public Security Organs will learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as the current and future major political tasks, find the implementation of the entry point, combined with the point, focused, and the first hand chess, and take the initiative Strong, from the strictness of the anti-risks, safe, protect the stability, promote the development of various work, and fully promote the high-quality development of the new era of Tianzhu public security work, to meet the party's 20th National Congress in excellent results.

With the spirit of the 19th Plenary Session, adhere to the party's leadership, cast the public security organ loyal police soul. I deeply understand the leadership of the party and practice "two maintenance". Tianzhu Public Security will unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and truly cast "party loyalty" into the police soul, integrate "service people" into the blood, and put "law enforcement justice" into bone marrow In the heart of "discipline strict" into the heart, let the "two maintenance" become the actual actions of the inner, transformation into the actual actions of the duties, and faithfully practice the people's public security for the people, and realize the great revival of the Chinese nation. The historical process contributes the power of public security.

I deeply understand the great strength of the party, and the theoretical armed forces. Promote the education and consolidation of the school history and consolidation of the education of the public security team, "nine must" propose "nine must" propose "July" in the "Ten" Top Tamsuan Top Secretary "July", integrating understanding, and integrates Implementation, consciously use the party's innovation theory to arm the mind, guide practice, promote work, and effectively lead the idea of ​​the banner, listen to the party command, loyal mission, to ensure that the public security team is absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable.

I deeply understand the historical experience of the party and have a strong ideal belief. Adhere to the ideals and belief education as a soul, the strategic engineering of Guan Jin Pei is often vigracted, and the party's banner is the banner, the party's will is willing, the party's direction is the direction, and the foundation of the belief, make up the spirit Calcium, the rudder of the stable thoughts, constantly firmly firmly determine the beliefs of Marxism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the confidence of the Chinese nation's great recovery Chinese dream, is unswervingly to make the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics .

With the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session, adhere to the people's first, practice the mission of the public security organs. Bao Mansheng has a hard trick. Always maintain a striker high-pressure situation of evil forces, deepen special actions such as smashing guns, concentrate on new network crimes such as telecommunications network fraud, and strictly crack down on "Huang Gammon" "Theft" "Food Ring" All kinds of illegal and criminal activities, comprehensively implement social security prevention and control measures to ensure the continued safety and stability of the society.

Huimin gave birth to a trick. Taking the party history and education and political and legal team education rectification as an opportunity, the normalization of "I have implemented practical things for the masses", studying more "venting service" reform initiatives in the development, public security households, road traffic management and other aspects Strive to provide quality services to economic and social development and mass production and life.

The people have a new trick. Adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao experience" in the new era, combine "face-to-face" and "key to key", and learn to ask the masses, take the initiative to ask the masses, smooth the people's public opinion, play the people, rely on people, to transfer the masses to participate in peace Tianzhu, the enthusiasm of the Tianzhu Construction of Tianzhu, continuously enhance the people's sense, happiness, and safe sense.

Taking the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session as a benchmark, adhere to the development of innovation, and set off a comprehensive development of public security. Iron wrist rectification highlights. Do not shake and strictly hit the principle according to law, reflect the strong security of the people, especially the people of the people's livelihood, highlighting illegal crimes as the main attack direction of peace construction, heavy punch, and the appearance. Check the institutionalization of normalization, strengthen the precision and effective supervision of road traffic, dangerous goods and other fields, improve the quality of peace, and improve the sense of security.

Continue to consolidate grassroots governance. Adhere to system governance, comprehensive management, management, special governance, source governance integrate, and effectively include social management of various affairs into rule of law, institutional orbit, forming a multi-level multi-field rule. Adhere to the grassroots, grasp the foundation, continue to promote the "Fengqiao Public Security Police Station" creation and "a standard truth" and other work, strengthen and improve the basic work of grassroots, and accelerate the construction of grassroots social governance of the urban and rural grassroots governance system pattern.

[Author] Tianzhu County Government deputy magistrate, party secretary of the county public security bureau, Director Pan Tita

02 soundtrack poetry

Police emblem shines, starting, reorganizing, putting it again

A heavy snow in the night before night


Dingxi Public Security Auxiliary police in all traffic intersections and card points

Fighting cold wind and snow

Strong and persistent

Excluding the haze of the epidemic

War in the warm sun in winter

Winning this battle without smoke

We are full of joy.

The spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session spreads throughout the motherland

The 100-day attack hall is blew into the military

Yes, such as mountains

Action like a wind battle

The goal of Dingxi Public Security "One Year Solitary Station, the two-year improvement, three years to compete for advanced" is like a lighthouse

Illuminate the way we travel

Our spirit shakes, fighting

Renewal of reorganization

We have no reliance, wind and snow

Walking to the first line of fighting crime

Only to protect the lives and property safety of the masses

No matter how dangerous and bumpy

I have no regrets

Just for the responsibility and responsibility of the shoulder

We are shaped, riding wind and waves

Toss in the national trip

Only to save national and personal economic losses

We are in the evening, wearing the moon

Walking in Wanjia Lighting Night

Only for the people to secure

We are waiting, and the meal is sleeping.

A steamed bread, a box of bubble noodles, a pack mustard, a bottle of mineral water

It is a day three meals a day.

We have evil

Visually click on life

We fearless difficulties

Be unloaded

Just for the sore mission

We attacked hard, fighting

Lock the suspect in the vast sea

We controversed up justice and hope


No regrets rush to poetry and distant

We don't hesitate

Just for the gold shield and the shared blue

We are tenacious and struggling, struggling to attack

A battle is a fight

Surveying case, combat telecom fraud, govern outflow drug trafficking ...

Multi-point flowers in each front

12 years ago, 14 years ago, 18 years ago ... murder case fugitives arrest

300,000, 400,000, 500,000 ... telecom fraud loss successfully saved

This string number

Unlighted our hearts and sweat

Defend political security and social stability

Our bottom line

Loyalty and responsibility

Is our background

Win the support and recognition of the people

Is our highest pursuit and the biggest hope

We only know who

But I forgot who I am.

How can there be a hero who falls from the sky?

Only a mortal

We are parents, or children of their parents.

Also worried and not

However, the mission is higher than everything

Justice has us, dedication, we have us




Dingxi Public Security

Loyal mesenger

Justice avatar

[Author] Dingxi City Public Security Bureau Si Tao

[Reciting] Dingxi City Public Security Bureau Liu Yifeng Wang Tong Ge Jia Yuyu Liu Xiaofang



Alert dream

New alarm

It is also more and more unable to cover up

Double white hair

Yellow fish tail pattern

As if it is a network

Passive, meticulous

I used to make a very dial

Some, squat, keep

Walking on the street, patrolling

Always tired to pull long

How many people with police dreams

From the youth

Dreaming in the police camp

Loyalty is his belief in planting

Responding to the promise of his unsuccessful

Today, on the police dress dress ceremony

He stroked the collar flower, chest emblem, nameplate

From a police sem, 绶 belt, shoulder

A farmer like a sunrise

Strip of the initiative and dreams

[Author] Gannan Prefecture Lintan County Public Security Bureau Gengfeng

04 artwork

Oil painting "Flower of Life"

[Art] Qingyang Town Yuanxian Public Security Bureau An Mengwei