Acceptance is unable to deliver!Changsha Baoyong Mansion and other bad behaviors have been exposed

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Acceptance is unable to deliver!Changsha Baoyong Mansion and other bad behaviors have been exposed

2021-11-30 06:03:17 21 ℃

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan Client November 29th (full media reporter Bu 岚 视频 视频 岚) acceptance unauthorized delivery Today, the reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Housing and Construction Department that the department announced the list of the third batch of poor behavior records of the resulinage of the construction market in Hunan Province, including Changsha Xinsheng Times Mansion, Baoyong Mansion, and Hengfeng Dan Yan Yue and other units.

In the list of bad behavior records in the construction unit, the reporter saw that Changsha Xinsheng Times Mansion was exposed due to quality and safety management; 3 building of Baoyong Mansion in Changsha City, 8 construction projects were refused to implement engineering quality and safety production supervision The rectification and stop construction notice issued by the agency, not urged construction, supervision party to implement rectification and other columns.

Changsha City's Single Fontainee is a larger safety hazard in the construction site, and it has not promptly urged rectification to the list. Changsha City, 1-10 and basement, Hongshanqiao refueling station in Changsha City, all due to unsuccessful completion acceptance or acceptance, unauthorized delivery, the unqualified construction project is exposed in accordance with qualified engineering acceptance. Yueyang City Fuxing Yucheng International Project Phase I was recorded in the year, and the yellow card warning was recorded in bad behavior.

In the list of bad behavior records in the construction industry, Changsha Fuli Garden Kangxin Tiandi A1, A2, and the basement have not controlled management of critically-critical projects, and the protection guarantees for major dangerous sources of construction safety are not in place, not implementing or violating engineering construction. Mandatory standards and other reasons. Changsha Wanbao Building is exposed due to the elimination of the hidden dangers of construction safety accidents, the main person in charge, and the project leader did not fulfill safety production management responsibilities.

澧 澧 欢 城 · Wanda Plaza A, B, C, D plum engineering, Zhuzhou Huijin New City Phase I, due to safety production assurance system and measures, not implementation or violation of engineering construction mandatory standards and national and provincial regulations, The production safety physical protection guarantee does not meet the mandatory standards of engineering construction and the requirements of national and provisions requirements require the list.

It is reported that there are 12 construction units (times), 39 construction enterprises (times), 18 supervisory enterprises (times), 22 other units (times), 108 registered builders (times), etc. The bad behavior record of the responsible unit announced the date of the notice for 180 days, and the publicity of the responsible person's bad behavior record was released from the date of this notice from 720 days.