Huairen City "Green Pride's Second Class Anti-drug Knowledge Competition" is fruitful

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Huairen City "Green Pride's Second Class Anti-drug Knowledge Competition" is fruitful

2021-11-30 12:05:25 18 ℃

On November 29, the "Huai Ren City, the first Qingjiao Second Class Anti-drug Knowledge Competition" jointly organized by the Huai Ren City Community Rehabilitation Community Rehabilitation Service Center, Huai Ren City Public Security Bureau, and the Dadi School jointly organized the finals of the Finals Competition of Huai Ren City. School (High School) was held.

This competition is based on the class, the content involves the type of drug, the harm of drugs, drug-induced social security issues, anti-virus skills, etc., to help young people to understand the true face of drugs, change the boring common sense Interestful knowledge that students are easy to accept.

This final is novel, rich in content. At the competition, the delegates entering the finals are ready to be fully equipped. According to the knowledge, the participating team has played a higher level of competition. The whole competition is in order, the competition is fierce. Finally, through the race of play, winning the first prize, Ma Jing, Wang Wenhao, Feng Xuebao, etc. obtained an excellent personal award.

The second class of the Qingjiao, the second class of anti-drug knowledge, moved the Qingjiao classroom Internet + anti-drug education from the line to the line, not only popularizing the knowledge of drug prevention education, but also promoted the participation of teachers and students in the school, and vigorously promoted Campus anti-drug publicity and education work.