Xiamen a female marriage triggered family tragedy

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Xiamen a female marriage triggered family tragedy

2021-11-30 12:05:56 15 ℃

"Marriage and family is protected by national, and the marriage system is implemented, the husband and wife, and the men and women are equally married." - "Civil Code"

Wang Ruo and her husband Zhang Sheng married for many years, the love is very, two people have a woman, and the days are very moist. On April 2, 2009, today is Wang Ruo's birthday, husband and daughter prepare birthday surprises for her, Wang Ru's daughter also learned to make birthday caps, she intends to give birthday herb to mother as a gift. (This article has a name of the name)

Zhang Shengding cake, did the meal, the little daughter put the gift early, waiting for Wang Ruo to go home. From 7:00 to 11 o'clock, the father and the father slammed from the door to the sofa, and Wang Ruo did not go home. At 11 o'clock, Wang Ruoai went home with the dust, and opened his daughter and holding his daughter.

Wang Ruo took the girlfriend and watched her husband while comforting her: "Sorry, today and a few colleagues have been happy, I will not be the same next time." Said that the daughter said, "Sorry, Baby, the gift you do is very like. "After a mistake, the birthday cake finally got a candle, Wang Ruo was still full of apologies, there were a few tears.

Today is not that she is coming for the first time. Since the September 2007, Wang Ruo will come back late a day, sometimes it is back to the moment. If it is work, it should be regular. You can work late if you work time. Holiday is because you want to go to the gym. But Wang Ruo himself clearly - she is derailed.

It can be seen from the scene of the birthday, and Wang Ruo is love her husband and daughter. Why choose derailed? In addition to your own reasons, your husband Zhang Sheng's health and quarrel in the weekdays.

On May 17, 2007, Zhang Sheng was on the way driving work, because the intersection of the road was collided with a large truck, causing cervical injury, not just a wound, but also directly caused Zhang Sheng sexual function. Division of obstacles. Whether it is a man or a woman, this is a heavy problem and blow to his family, meaning that family incense is likely to be inherited. Fortunately, Zhang Changzhen still has a little daughter who is willing to make a gift for mom.

Wang Ruo took the husband in consultation in various hospitals, and all kinds of matters have also tried it, but the condition has not improved, but because of eating various drugs, the kidney function is damaged, the overhead is getting bigger and bigger, so, Zhang Sheng has also hoped that his disease can be healed, but the cervical injection is not able to recover for a while. Wang Ruo worried that her husband's body, Zhang Sheng himself was more worried, and even became more inferior.

Wang Ruo naturally knows her husband thinking, but she can't do it. She also has her own efforts. She also hopes that Zhang Sheng can recover, whether it is for her home. However, trying to have a variety of methods, Wang Ruo complained in leisure, pouring the bitter water to friends, naturally someone listened to these words. This person is the security of the gym of Wang Ruomi.

Sun Hui has long thought about Wang Ruo, but she has not had a chance to be in the happiness of Wang Ruo family. But since he heard the news, he had been planning. In August 2007, Sun Hui took the opportunity to work in the gym to help the king who got a member card at a low price, and there were more words between the two people.

"When chatting is getting more frequent, the chat will have a feeling of love." Wang Ruo also felt that his lack of heart was gradually filled, but she always remembered that he was married, so there was no peace and Sun Hui. what happened. However, the husband Zhang Sheng was observed, he originally becomes more sensitive to himself because of the disease, with time, he became more and more sensitive, but he always loved Wang Ruo, so he called Wang Ruo called : "You re-find one, you have a good ..."

Wang Ruo did have a complaint, but the husband said this, and he also felt that if the derailed, he was too sorry. So she began to ignore Sun Hui. However, only one week, the psychological defense line gradually collapsed, and finally the relationship between underground love is established with Sun Hui.

Wang Ruo and Sun Hui began a long-term unfair relationship. Every day, I came back late, and even the birthday mentioned in the above, it was also because Sun Hui was hot in the exogenous, so I will live up to the daughter's waiting. It is also because of this birthday, the contradictory Wang Ruo has begun to reflect on himself, realizing that he is like this, it is the whole family, and finally puts forward, but Sun Hui has never promised.

Wang Ruo saw Sun Hui, who took the opportunity to Jin Ying sister lottery shop to Xiamen, and her husband Zhang Sheng went to Xiamen after a while. Sun Hui saw that the two were left directly, and the heart was very angry. He thought that since Wang Ruo is related, he must not let her, so I started threatening Wang Ruo, indicating that I have to divorce Wang Ruo, If Wang Ruo is not divorced, he will teach her and Zhang Sheng.

Wang Ruo naturally won't listen to Sun Hui, the husband's body has begun to improve through the hospital, and he also talks about the underground love of these two years with her husband. The two sides also reached a reconciliation, and they will return to Sun Hui to destroy their. Happiness? Sun Hui saw that "the person got" is now living with others, and the heart is getting hate - he wants to retaliate Wang Ruo.

In the third day of 2010, Sun Hui came to Wang Ruo and Zhang Sheng in Xiamen's lottery shop, and when they opened the lottery shop curtain, Sun Hui put the gasoline in his hand on the three of Wang Ruo family, but also used the knife.Wang Ruo and Zhang Sheng two people.Zhang Shengjing is invalid to death, Wang Ruo severely burns, their daughter is both burns, and suffers from severe autism.Afterwards, Sun Hui was arrested by the police.Article 232 of the Criminal Law stipulates that intentional homicide, death penalty, life imprisonment or more than ten years of imprisonment; the plot is lighter, and it is more than three years and less than ten years.If the circumstances are serious, such as Sun Hui is dying in the way of burning gasoline, it should be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

This is a happy family, but the wedding is broken, so that you are deeply sorrowful and sad, look at all the cases, all the dedication is almost ended with tragedy, this is caused by peopleIt's so big, but there is still no guy to jump into the abyss.