Liu Lin Xuecun Town held a member training meeting of the "Two Committees"

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Liu Lin Xuecun Town held a member training meeting of the "Two Committees"

2021-11-30 12:04:54 13 ℃

On November 26, Xuecun Town held a member training meeting of the "two committees" "two committees".

At the training session, the relevant personnel surrounded the spirit of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session, the construction of party style and clean government, how to explain in the new era of a village cadre, rural three-based management.

The meeting requires that members of the new village "two committees" should recognize the situation, improve their ideological understanding, show new teams, new weather, new meteorological; to strengthen the theory and business learning, enter the state as soon as possible, familiar with the village, clearly develop ideas, In the future work in the future, we must use the only standard of "let the people satisfied" as the inspection work, there is a party in his heart, there is a people in his heart, and there is a ring in his heart.

By carrying out the new village "two committees" cadres training work, the ideal belief of the village-level cadres will continue to strengthen, the awareness of the awareness is continuously strengthened, the construction of the style is continuously strengthened, the work ability is constantly improving, in order to consolidate the poverty of the poverty, effectively connect the rural revitalization Solid organizational guarantee. Next, Xue Village will put training and consolidate the poverty achievements, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages, fully guarantee the combination of people's livelihood, and promote various key tasks with training learning, and write beautiful Xue Village. (Reporter: Yang Lan)