Xixian New District, Xiuxi New City: Party Members "Double Training" to create a party building characteristic brand

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Xixian New District, Xiuxi New City: Party Members "Double Training" to create a party building characteristic brand

2021-11-30 12:06:12 18 ℃

In order to further strengthen the organizational construction and characteristics of the education sector, give full play to the pioneer model, demonstration leading role of party members, and the Demonstration of the Xixian New District, the Western New Town Education Site vigorously implemented the party member "Double Training" project, built the first political "Party Membership Studio" in strong professional and strong radiation.

Recently, the Education Safety Bureau of Xixian New District, China, for the first batch of "Party Membership Studios", has been collectively named, and commended.

In recent years, the Shuixin City Education Safety Administration has always adhered to the development of teaching experts and management backbone and cultivating party members "double cultivation" projects. In order to build the "Party Membership Studio" as soon as possible, from the beginning of 2021, the "Implementation Plan of the Party Members of the West New City", the 16 famous teachers in the new city passed the individual declaration, the school recommended, party committee approval, etc. The first batch of five "party membership studios", including Gong Jianhui, the secondary and secondary school sub-school discipline, the secondary and secondary school sequester, and the workshop. Members 42, the number of party members reached 19 people, with education teaching research as a link, forming a high-level backbone teacher team and expert teaching research group with party members' famous teacher as the core.

At the same time of completing their own education teaching tasks, they also take the lead in talking about party classes, demonstration classes, participation topics, and cultivate backbone teachers to become a positive molecule, and cultivate party members as backbone teachers. The establishment of the Party Membership Studio will become a bridge of primary and secondary school teachers, the platform of education and research, the links between the communication, the window of the party members.