Bright Sword · Jingbian | Jingxi: "Four Briticles" combat "three non-", resolutely guards the motherland south gate

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Bright Sword · Jingbian | Jingxi: "Four Briticles" combat "three non-", resolutely guards the motherland south gate

2021-11-30 12:05:38 39 ℃

Since this year, Jingxi City continues to weave the secret network to prevent and control the "three bits" (illegal entry, illegal retention, illegal employment) foreigners, and strongly maintain the safety and stability of the border area. As of the end of October, the city got a total of 337 foreign personnel 337 batch of foreign personnel, 77 criminal cases, and 631 detention, and strongly curb the "three non-" illegal acts in the border area.

Based on the full-scale blocking, construct a new model of prevention and control.

Continuously adjust the optimization of border prevention and control mode, from the municipal, non-abiding township, 1680 cadres, integrated the long, guardian, and border three teams put into prevention and control. On the basis of 400 public security police, the 190 police forces "Bright Sword Jing Jing" action to help the team's first line, forming more than 2,000 people's prevention and control strength, and the work will be held in all duty to prevent death. . Arrange 38 patrol cars every day in the border line and the highway to carry out all-weather, high-density patrol prevention and control. During the regular parts of the village, hostel, rent housing, employment enterprises, etc. The multi-dimensional all-round stereo prevention and control is controlled, and the border epidemic prevention and control is more secure.

Holding the "Bright Sword · Jingbian" to attack the launching ceremony of the special action of the country (side) crime

All border duty is strictly guard against death, strengthen patrol control

Based on intelligence to exploit, achieve accuracy of strike.

Strengthen information collection, give full play to the "pedestrian" and other "people" and other functions, close attention to the border criminal activities, and collect information information; establish a reward system, the reward amount from the original Each person is 1,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan per person, and the whole people participate in the "three non-" ", and the report reward has been rewarded by 961,200 yuan. Strengthen information research and judgment, invall the development of the judgment, strengthen the early warning, insider, action information analysis of illegal entry and exit illegal crimes, and support the project investigation. Strengthen the trail deep excavation, "broken cases, gangs, shovel networks, destroy", "to fight into the entry point with the project, in detail the case, the case, the case," Organize, transport, tolerance, lead "Waiting for key links, implementing" full chain, multi-alarm "synthetic combat, and fast detection is fast. Since this year, a total of 156 suspicions suspected of receiving "three non-" personnel have increased by 17.3% year-on-year.

Strictly crack down on rectification of "three non-" foreigners

Based on the effect of shocking and increase the credit.

Strictly implement the punishment of criminal work mechanisms, introduced "border epidemic prevention and control" ten will 'discipline ", the amount of" snake head "imposing to the organization has increased from 10,000 yuan per person to 10,000 yuan, from strict obstacles The decision is formed to form a high pressure shock. By the end October, the city has a total of 81 pieces of criminal cases in the country (while). In concentrated on "ten one" on-site punishment activities, including 18 defendants accepted open trials on October 18, a total of 18 defendants received public trials and got legally punished and passed the media. The platform is disclosed to the society, and the earthquake is strongly awkward.

Centralize a group of stealing countries and participating in smuggling activities

Based on publicity and guidance, create a strong atmosphere.

In-depth publicity into the village activities, will "prevent the overseas epidemic input 'Ten strict" "10 people' disciplinary measures", etc. Increase the consciousness of the people against the smuggling of criminal activities with the case. Using broadcast, TV, etc. In the WeChat public number of Jingxi Media Center, the government website opened a column, explaining the harmfulness of the majority of the masses, further improved the publicly strictly crackdown on sneaked into the country and the "three non-" personnel "and participation. Rate, creating a good atmosphere involved in combating "three non-".