Baoji is moving overall, and the new station will be enabled on November 30, 2021.

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Baoji is moving overall, and the new station will be enabled on November 30, 2021.

2021-11-30 12:06:01 34 ℃

Recently, Fengxiang District Bus Station issued an announcement, in order to promote the overall planning of the urban construction of Fengxiang District, effectively mitigate urban traffic pressure, reasonably configure passenger resources, so that the travel of the people will be held, and the Baoyou Group Fengxiang Bus Station will relocate.

The specific announcement is as follows:


2, from November 30, 2021, all provincial inter-provincial lines, inter-city lines, and districts in the area, adjusted to the new bus station. The vehicle is out of the West Gate, along the north of the Qin Highway, and the East of Yuncheng Avenue is from the south of the south, according to the original line.

3, the city's bus lines 1, 2 extend from November 30, 2021, extended to Qin Highway, and set up two sites in Qin Highway (West Ancient City, New Bus Station).

4, from November 30, 2021, the old bus station to the new bus station opened a free shuttle car every 20 minutes.

Fengxiang New Bus Station is located in the Northeast Avenue of Fengxiang District and the Northeast of Qin Highway, covering an area of ​​100 mu, according to the standard construction of the first-level bus station. Building a five-story (local second-floor) station building, a repair shop and office building, a total design building area of ​​approximately 12,000 square meters, a hardening stopped car area 28,000 square meters, and a charging station is provided in the station. Meet 24 cars charging.

The completion of the new bus station can further expand the capacity of the bus station, improve the public transportation service function of the urban area, relieve the road traffic pressure in Fengxiang's main city, and improve the overall image of the city. The station preliminary plans to open 21 passenger transport lines, 475 days of hair, and 6,000 passengers in design, the maximum number of days can be satisfied.

At the same time, there will be a tourism distribution center to make full use of Fengxiang and surrounding tourism resources, integrate traveled tourism resources to meet the people 's personalized tourism needs.

It is understood that Fengxiang Bus Terminal is the overall relocation construction project implemented by the Fengxiang Bus Station implemented by Baoyou Automobile Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of the key construction projects of Fengxiang District.

It is equipped with a five-story (local second floor) station building, a repair shop and office building, and the total design area is about 12,000 square meters, the green area is 5,600 square meters, and the hardening stopped car is 28,000 square meters. Invested 57.64 million yuan.

As a large-scale development plate, Fengxiang District has a unique geographic, natural resource advantage, infrastructure, and heavy support, it is the development reservation area and urban center of Baoji City, the city, industrial basis. Good, strong economic strength, and the cultural heritage is deep. It is also an area with great development potential.

At present, Fengxiang's basis is still solid, and the momentum of catching upside is still strong. Next, there will be a high-quality development around the goal of achieving tens of billion Xifeng through infrastructure construction, public service facilities construction, industrial development, especially white wine industry and green circulating industry.

With the completion of Fengxiang Airport, the regional advantage will be further expanded, and the regional value of the urban resource is more prominent.

According to the statistics of the security guest, Fengxiang District has averaged 3966 yuan / m2 in November, which is basically the same as last month.