50-year-old uncle and young women were asked to help with the account every month, sigh, husband and wife, still

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50-year-old uncle and young women were asked to help with the account every month, sigh, husband and wife, still

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After the 50-year-old Mr. Division, I wanted a young woman to do my wife. Mr. Yan felt that her condition was still nice, I hope to find young and unmarried women with a relaxation.

Although Mr. Yu is 50 years old, it is very resistant to the old, and there is no 50-year-old uncle, and the Mr. Zi is in dress with leisure, and it is even more young.

Self-confident, Mr., is set to the young woman after divorce, and most of the blind date is a young woman. However, the reality does not want to go according to Mr. Yu, and Mr. Zi is not smooth, young The woman can't see him, think he is too old.

Mr. Yan is not discouraged. It is said that he did not encounter a person. Later, Mr. Yu really met the young woman who was willing to interact, but the requirements of young women were a lot, one of them made Mr. Zang especially unacceptable The young woman actually asked Mr. Yu to help the account per month.

1. Original wife, decided to divorce

Mr. Yu is a good person, I hope to go out with my wife, my wife can make myself to make a face, rising face. Mr. Zhai, the foreign appearance is very high, and the wife is married, but also because his wife's appearance is in line with Mr. Zi's aesthetic.

But the years are not forgiving, especially for women, Mr. Zi's wife experienced the baptism of the years, I haven't been young and beautiful in the same year, let Mr. Zi can't accept, the wife is 3 years old, but the appearance is more like Mr. is always, the hair is half ahead, and there is wrinkles on the face.

The two people stand together, and Mr. Yan is still young, and the wife is very old. She is unclear out of them, she can't believe that they are husband and wife. Mr. Yu is even more darentable, and they are afraid to see passers-by. Eye.

When the company organizes the event, when Mr. Yu has never taken a family, because Mr. Yan feels that his wife can't take it.

This wife who can't take it, let Mr. Zi want to divorce, Mr. Yan believes that he should match the young woman.

Mr. Yan ranked a divorce with his wife, and his wife was very refreshing. The two were divorced in peace.

2, confident full, to pursue young women for his wife

Mr. Yu, after divorce, confident, and vowed to pursue a young woman as a wife.

Middle-aged Mr. Mr. Mr. is not particularly excellent, but it is good to compare with many people, the work is stable, the monthly salary is seven thousand, the salary is not high, but Mr. Zi has no car loan mortgage pressure.

Divorced with the ex-wife, one set of two sets of real estate, deposit 600,000 million, one person, one person, the child follows the ex-wife, Mr. Yu is relaxed.

A relaxed Mr. Zou is because of the outside young, because there is no pressure in the economy, think that it is still very qualified to match the young woman.

Just divorced, Mr. Yu pursue the company's young female front desk, but the teacher is unfavorable, the female front stage says that he likes you, Mr. Yu is not suitable for her.

Mr. Yan later pursued a few young women, they were rejected, and Mr. Yan was not discouraged, and thought that he did not encounter a person.

3, blind encounter, young woman

In order to find a person who accompanied the rest of the life faster, Mr. Yu began to know, I hope to recognize more people through the blind date.

Wang Tian did not have a heart, Mr. Yan finally went to a young woman, young woman was young, just 28 years old, young woman said, she hopes to find some older, and think that the old man is more Distressed people, know more to live.

Mr. Yu is very happy, thinking that he has encountered a person. However, Mr. Yan did not have long, when two meetings, young women made their own communication conditions.

Other conditions can accept, such as Mr. Yu added a tacit car to the other party, and give a certain number of color gifts when married, let Mr. Zang can't accept, young women actually ask Mr. Mr. to help 2,800 yuan per month.

The young woman bought a small apartment, the monthly is 2,800 yuan, and the young woman hopes that Mr. Yu is married, and each month will help the mortgage.

Mr. Yu is not happy to help the help of it.

4, too beautiful is a pit, the original husband and wife are still good

Mr. Yu is a fine-sized person. He analyzed the situation of young women and thought that if the two were married, it may be dragged down by a young woman.

The work of the young woman is not stable, the salary is not high, but the monthly mortgage of the monthly mortgage is still necessary. After marriage, the young woman must have to give birth to her child, and the young woman said, she is pregnant. Not working.

Mr. Yu thought about his own salary, removed a mortgage of 2800 yuan, young woman did not work, his pressure would be large. One more, the young woman's house is her marriage property, there is no relationship with himself, and the other party is more than 20 years old than yourself, how will the future development, Mr. Yu does not want to think, nor confident.

Mr. Yu, the more I think this is a pit, it looks very beautiful, but everywhere is a pit.

Mr. Yu is rational, decisively refuses the young woman, and Mr. Yu regrets divorce, the blind date is not smooth, let Mr. Zi have not confident, and gradually remembered the ex-wife.

It turns out that the husband and wife are still good.


Everyone knows, knowing is often happy, don't be too greedy. Mr. Yu is too greedy and does not understand the content of content.