Chinese medicine "De Shu" anti- disease story

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Chinese medicine "De Shu" anti- disease story

2021-11-30 12:05:19 20 ℃

The State Council joint defense mechanism comprehensive group of the medical treatment group expert, Zhang Zhongde, Vice President of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been "crossing hands" with avian influenza, A stream, dengue fever and other infections for more than 20 years. Patients love the doctor who often went to the fire line as "De Shu".

The local confirmed cases of this round of pneumonia in Gansu recently "clear". "Innovative treatment methods for Chinese and Western medicine, effectively block the deterioration of the condition. Especially in the treatment of patients with severe and critical illness, it is very successful." "Shu" said.

From the past year, I took a round of Wuhan's train to Lanzhou in autumn and winter, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic has taken in the past two years. "De Shu" has aided 9 cities. "It is not an anti-vlohemial, it is on the way to the anti-."

"In 2003, I was also infected by SARS. I lived in ICU for a month. Many people think that I can't live. But I know the disease, understand the treatment, use Chinese and Western medicine combination, more than 40 days Wheelchair, returned to the emergency department to go to work. "This unforgettable experience made" De Shu "have a more cut patient perspective.

The picture shows Zhang Zhongde to accept the Xinhua News Agency reporter in Lanzhou. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Jun

The quality of the medicinal material is good, the decoction process does not work, whether the distribution is timely ... not only to formulate the treatment plan, "De Shu" is a lot of things. "Implementation details. This time I have a severe patient in 80 years old. If I follow more than 4 packs of medicine every day, a pack of 200 ml, then the old man can't eat. At this time, it is necessary to fry until 70 ml, does not affect Patient diet can also achieve the best results. "

"De Shu" said that Chinese medicine pays attention to people, when the situation is good, in the case of local conditions, "three power" treatment programs have achieved good results, "patients have less typical symptoms such as high fever, gas, but swallowed Dry, throat, dryness, pain, etc. "

The picture shows Zhang Zhongde (Left 2) asked the patient's condition within the fixed-point hospital. (Reporter for map)

"Traditional Chinese medicine has played the role in the prevention and control of neoguanpiral epidemic." "De Shu" said that my country's reputation is based on traditional Chinese medicine, thereby forming a infectious disease prevention and control system that meets at the time. . Today, Chinese medicine should combine the advanced scientific achievements on the basis of inheritance essence, "Just as the stethoscope is listened to the ears, B-ultrasound uses finger to use the modern technology to continuously excavate the treasure gallery of Chinese medicine."

In the past two years, the anti-vloising experience has made "De Shu" have a profession of occupation: "There is no technology, one fight; no, do not fight, when there is a major event in the country, nation or industry, There must be responsible, affordable, at this time, the technology can really play. "(Reporter Liang Jun, Zhang Yujie, Cui Han Chao)