Establish a case-by-case basis!Henan cleaning system "hanging" 112

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Establish a case-by-case basis!Henan cleaning system "hanging" 112

2021-11-30 12:06:22 25 ℃

Since the development of party history, the public security organs of Henan Province have solidly promoted the "Optimized Business Environment and Wanlarm to help 10,000" activities, surveillance around "survival, curb increase", comprehensive investigation, clean up the "pendant case" of the enterprises At the time of correcting, the legitimate rights and interests of the market entity should be effectively maintained, and the rule of law environment is created. Up to now, the province has a total of 117 "pendant", 112 cleanliness, and 95.7% cleanup rate.

According to reports, the public security organs of Henan Province use the special action of "centrally involving the case", the "hanging case", the "hanging case" discovered, and the case study, adhere to a case, one case, one A case-by-case analysis "hanging case" causes, the disease, the drug, concentrate on attack, and ensure the "pending" accurate cleaning. The public security organs at all levels clearly determine the specific responsible person and clean-up time limit, implement the wall chart operation, the account-buyer, strengthen the normalized supervision and supervision, ensure that the "hanging case" is responsible, clean up on time.

At the same time, on the basis of analyzing the "pending case" caused by analyzing the case, strictly control the case investigation process, improve the case of the case investigation process, enhance the police business capabilities and other targeted measures, and explore the establishment of a long-acting mechanism for curbing the new "hanging case". Curify "increment" from the source. Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau explored the development of a dynamic monitoring mechanism involved in enterprises, and sent a case for handling cases to expire for text messages, pushing to the legal system, transit and other departments, and realized power integration and dynamic warning. Fuyang Municipal Public Security Bureau launched law enforcement standardization than the problems in the process of military competition, regular or uncertain carding cases and forms a notification to further enhance the law enforcement case of civil police in economic cases. (People's Public Security News reporter Zhang Bo correspondent Sun Haijuan Xu Hauteng) # 我 我 实 实 实体 ## 平安中 原 #