Is there a legal effectiveness in network marriage?What are the cases of marriage?

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Is there a legal effectiveness in network marriage?What are the cases of marriage?

2021-11-30 12:06:10 18 ℃

In recent years, there have been three states of "network marriage":

First, some people use the network to hold a marriage ceremony to form a legitimate and real marriage;

The second is the marriage between the two parties through the network.

The third is a virtual in the real marriage, which is only available on the Internet, and the spiritual so-called "marriage".

And the marriage relationship in the third state, the two sides have no real marriage basis. Without legal husband and wife, it may be a minor, or may be a marriage, or even a person who does not have a wedding substance.

According to the relevant regulations of Chinese law, citizen marriage established the principle of registrationism, the network "marriage" clearly does not have this legal form, "online husband and wife" therefore there is no divorce. Moreover, when the "network husband and wife", when logging in, it usually does not present people with real information, and even the real name and gender of each other, it is impossible to have a cohabitation in the Internet, and I can't talk about the family. Violence and abuse, abandon family members. That is to say, based on the current laws and regulations, due to the critical marriage, when the reality marriage is broken, the spouse of marriage is married, and the responsibility of the other party will be held through the litigation means, and it is almost impossible at this stage. of.

In the Marriage Law, there is a fault, and "network marriage" should also be considered to be a situation in which a husband and wife will be considered to be a husband and wife. Because both husband and wife have done this marriage when they create marriage, they hope to be comfortable to each other in the spirit. If the part is destroyed, even if there is no responsibility of the legal, the at least should be identified as a misflected party. Because the party is faulty, it is easier to obtain the evidence of the so-called "network marriage", courts, lawyers or parties.

With one of the following cases, marriage is invalid:

(1) Chong married;

(2) There is a relative relationship for prohibiting marriage;

(3) Diseases that have been in medicine before marriage should not be married, and it has not been cured after marriage;

(4) Not until the legal marriage age.

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