Free listening to class!Zhuhai parents have benefited!Come to participate

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Free listening to class!Zhuhai parents have benefited!Come to participate

2021-11-30 12:05:13 20 ℃

2021 Sea Star Aesthetic Education Substation Nature The second phase of the series of public welfare lectures!

Sea Star Aesthetic Education Substation

Year-end series of public welfare lectures

Phase one

Successfully over!

Let's take a look!

Wonderful review

On November 27th, the three public welfare lectures of the Sea Star Aesthetic Education Substance were as scheduled, and nearly 200 parents and children were actively participated in the scene, and they were intimate interaction with sharing guests. On-site guests invited a few parents and children to learn the knowledge of teaching, and the atmosphere is very active. After the event, our staff members have given each child 3D children's theater ticket. This public welfare lecture is rich in content, extensive knowledge, not only learned related knowledge, but also harvested a rich gift.

No participation in the first public welfare lecture

Parents and children


The second phase of the public welfare lecture is coming soon.

Let us look at it in detail

What kind of public welfare lectures!

01 "and the anchor together Get Read skill"

Today, are you talking about Mandarin?

Say good Mandarin?

Will you get GET?

There are professional teachers here to see it!

Wang Xiaofeng

Zhuhai Media Group Moderator

"Bay District 121" "Golden Bay News" anchor

China Communication University Broadcasting and Hosting Art Master


Zhuhai Media Group Moderator

National second-level announcer

FM91.5 "Entertainment Headline" "Tao Yo Time"

"Hi City Hello My City" anchor


What are the recitation skills?

December 18


Wang Xiaofeng and the pace of teachers of the bell

Listen to the scene together ~

Free participation

"And the anchor Get Get Reading Tips"

Hotline: 0756-2526276

02 "Let the child easily master the six rules of the sound language"

The sound of the sound is like a sunshine.

Can always be between words,

Give people a warm enjoyment,

Learn these six regularities,

Let you talk so nice like singing.


Small tree

Zhuhai Media Group Moderator

National second-level announcer

Zhuhai Music Broadcast FM91.5 frequency anchor

Simply dry goods full!

Such a good opportunity

What are you waiting for?

December 11th

Come on site

Teacher with bells, small tree teacher

Interact together!

Free participation

"Let your child easily master

Six regular sound language

Hotline: 0756-2526276

03 "Public Welfare Writer Writing Class"

In the song,

The lyrics are often a soul of a song.

The creation of the lyrics is the work of excellent songs.

first step.

Chang Yanyi

Chinese children's voice list ten children's songs

Signing music

Magic Music Tutor

Chinese children's voice gold song list top 10

Zhuhai Qingle Music founder

Main works:

"Star Sea in my heart" "Sit high-speed rail to Tibet"

"There is a mountain" "Time" "A child is always the party"

Share content

First class (December 4)

1. Demonstrate the song to demonstrate audio, perceive the center of the song

Experience the song storyline, understand the lyrics creation four elements

2. Try writing to determine the song name

Second Class (December 11)

1. Find the completion group word, combing the storyline

2. Sir of the lyrics paragraph, the concept of lyrics

3. Complete the lyrics writing

Complete a work every week,

4 theme content creations,

Let each child in one month

Leave your own childhood theme song ~

Registration conditions

1. Recruit 10-20 second grades

Secondary school students (including second grade)

Music enthusiasts preferred

2, prepare paper, pen, dictionary

3, the mentor is uncertain, make a revision opinion

Quality works production finished song

Is the whistle writer you?

December 4th

Let you experience different writing procedures,

Enhance writing skills, reading skills,

Let's sign up!

Free participation

"Public Welfare Writers Writing Class"

After reading so much,

You must have your heart's lecture ~

The heart is not as good as action.

Come on the scene with you like

Dashi teacher interacts together!