Zhejiang Zhoushan Institute: Renest, Cruise Re-Koi

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Zhejiang Zhoushan Institute: Renest, Cruise Re-Koi

2021-11-30 18:02:12 39 ℃

Recently, a Shanghai Blue Meng International Cruise Co., Ltd. is called "Blue Dream Star" cruise, slowly relying on the Zhoushan Islands International Cruise Port. This berth, opened the booth of Zhoushan International Cruise Port and became the "Blue Dream Star" Cruise Mother and Port, which also means Zhoushan International Cruise Industry Entered the Market Restart.

A year ago, Zhoushan Islands International Cruise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cruise port company") was influenced by the epidemic, the downturn of the industry, which was in the bankruptcy crisis. Zhejiang Zhoushan Intermediate People's Court used multiple strength to resolve contradictory disputes, explore the establishment From the "Government Support, Court Guide, Managers Participation" new types of pre-ex-mold, which makes it possible to protect the biggest benefits of all parties, and help the cruise port terminal to achieve "restart".

The fund chain breaks, the international cruise port is falling into the bankruptcy crisis

Zhoushan Islands International Cruiseport Project, is responsible for construction, operation and management by cruise port companies. At the beginning of 2020, the cruise port company continued to lose due to various unfavorable factors such as low-altitude, global new crown pneumonia epidemic. Since bank loans are not allowed to pay for bank loans on time, the company has repeatedly resolved financing, transmissions, and staging and other solutions. In contrast, the legal representative of the company proposed a reorganization to the court.

"The business qualifications of international fishing wheels, it is to get up and down 100 chapters, so it is so unfortunately." The legal representative of the company said.

As one of the National Seven Cruise Mother and Hong Kong, the National Tourism Administration, Zhoushan International Cruise Port is the only international passenger port of the Zhoushan Islands, which has an international cruise, direct flight, sea passenger transport, etc. The important sea open portal "is the construction, promoting the upgrade of the Zhoushan Islands Tourism Industry is of great significance.

After receiving the bankruptcy application, the undertaking judges visited the cruise company to visit the investigation. "The main assets of the cruise port terminal are non-fluid assets, and there is also a scarcity in business qualifications. If the bankruptcy clearance will lead to a discount of asset value. The disposal costs and taxes and taxes generated by the asset-changing, which will also lead to a significant loss of creditors. If the new investor can not only improve ordinary claims, it is also possible to maintain the only international passenger port port of Zhoushan.

In order to save this key enterprise, Zhoushan Intermediate People's Hospital immediately launched the municipal government to communicate with the municipal government. Under the leadership of the municipal government, establish a completion of the formation of the government. At the same time, coordinating shareholders and creditors, based on repeatedly exploring the feasibility programs of the enterprise, ultimately solve the enterprise crisis in the process of reorganizing the rectification.

Introduce pre-reorganization, press "shortcut" for bankruptcy reorganization

At the beginning of May 2020, the cruise port company applied for pre-reunification to the Zhoushan middle school, that is, before the court officially launched the procedure, the debt restructuring is carried out in advance, to determine whether the debtor has the possibility of reforming value or reforming success. Pre-reforming can be a matter of bankruptcy reforming time to improve the trial efficiency of reforming procedures. On May 19th, accepting a cruise port company pre-eager and specified managers.

After accepting the pre-retest, the government, court, manager tripartite opened a multi-level gang: 即 庭 庭 外 外 政 主 难 难 难 难 难 难 计划 计划 事 计划 计划 事 事 事 计划 计划 事 事 事 事 事 执行 事 事 事 计划 计划In the court, the court is dominated, and the pre-reforming work is supervised and guided, shorten the procedure, timely approval of the reforming plan; the administrator is responsible for the creditor's creditor's creditor's creditor's creditor's verification, the entrusted audit, assessment, solvency measurement, Investors public recruit and develop a draft reforming plan.

After public recruitment, Zhoushan's investment development Co., Ltd. has submitted the "Reforming Investment Plan for Guo Port Company", according to the plan, according to the plan, the company integrates 100% equity of the Shareholders of the Cruise Port Company, while Undertake the international cruise port assets, business and in-service employees, and provide corresponding payables for debts, transaction capital, shareholders, and enterprises retain their original qualifications and continue. After the investment plan is submitted, after reorganizing investment margin payment, it is locked by investors.

According to the above programs, managers have developed "Cruise Port Companies", through the court, government, manager, main creditor, and cruise port company shareholders, etc., the draft has achieved main creditors and other The consent of the party.

Construction project creditor and staff credit

After half a year of pre-reform, November 26, 2020, the court ruled that the cruise port company bankruptcy reorganization, January 15 this year, the first creditor meeting of the cruise port company passed the "staple" app in the form of a network conference . On January 19, the reorganization plan results, and the creditor meeting has passed the reforming plan. On January 22, the court decided to approve the reforming plan and cruise port company entered the reorganization plan implementation phase.

"On March 10 this year, the investment funds have been all in place, and the manager allocates property according to the reorganization plan." Luo Bangliang introduced that the court adopted the pre-reforming progress of the cruise port company, but also smashed The interests of all parties. In the case, the construction project creditor and the employee creditor have 100%.

From the court ruled that the bankruptcy reorganization was accepted, and the approval of the cruise port company continued to operate, only less than two months. The bankruptcy reform of the cruise company has finally succeeded as a Zhoushan Islands International Cruise Port, which is one of the 8 cruise special ports in China. "The reorganized company has received many units of seeking cooperation. In the near future, it has increased 65 million yuan to develop new cruise routes, focusing on Zhoushan, Shanghai, Japan's regular route, and Zhoushan to Southeast Asian countries. Road 'route, comprehensive development of marine tourism and commercial trade. "The person in charge of the cruise port company said," At the same time, the company plans to invest 92 million yuan for the establishment of integrated ports and maritime service industrial parks to carry out diversified operations. "

In recent years, the Zhoushan Court has vigorously promoted marketization and rule of bankruptcy trial in accordance with the "government leading, judicial guarantee, management autonomous", and fully serves high-quality development in Zhoushan Islands. Since 2017, the city's court bankruptcy has released 3,369 mu of land resources, and the household area is 12.371 million square meters, and 38 ships shall be disposed of. The ship's capacity is 6 million tons. Migrant workers, outsourcents have wage to Nettes of salary, and create stable, fair, transparent and expected rule of law business environments for Zhoushan Development.