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White lotus - angel's heart

2021-11-30 18:02:37 28 ℃

Dear friend, do you like to clean white lotus? Lotus, was given fairy spirituality, and the turbidity did not follow the wave flow, silently dedicated his own holy, unselfish release of his fragrance. If you see a lot of lotus lotus, in a petal, obscenity, that is me, is us, it is our white angel!

Our profession is honored as a holy "white angel". Some people say: You have chosen this, and choose dedication. If I didn't quite understand the deep meaning of this "dedication", then, from my first ward, white dovetail cap wear, white coat, I understand the title of this angel title How many people are dedicated to selfless dedication; injection, pharmaceutical, laying, infusion, feel the happiness of life care life; pay off, take over, during the day, night, and grasp the rush of life-back in tired.

In the unique smell of the hospital, we have gone through the pure girl; from the wounds of blood, we walked through the hot youth; in the white Mesun atmosphere, we used a sincere heart to measure countless The longness of the night; in the expectation of the loved ones and the complaints, we dedicate yourself to a patient who suffer from suffering ... and the patients who have a rehabilitation body, grateful to our heartfelt blessings. Sincere gratitude, just like a sun, bring us warm and beautiful.

The wind will miss the season, and the rain will miss the desert, but fortunately, we don't miss the opportunity of life. A stylish surgery knife, in the eyes of ordinary people, it flashes cold, sharp, but in the hands of doctors, make a cold life reply to warm, vitality. A Nibei driver called Liu Dan, pulled a car coal from Shenmu County, rushed to Xi'an. After the Tongchuan Jinsuo closed, he accidentally turned into the car, and the two people died in another hospital.

When Liu Dan is pulled back to the central hospital by 120 ambulance, there is no blood pressure, in a shock state, and there is no relatives. Just take care of the operating table, the director of the operating table, told it immediately, and immediately opened the patient's abdominal cavity, found 4,000 ml blood clots, pancreatic fragmented, spleen arterial crack, immediately decided to carry out other rescue surgery, then the spleen Pancreatic tail cutting, and spleen articulation, almost suffering from blood, 7,000 ml of blood, 3200 ml of blood paddle, 3200 ml of blood paddle, after 4 hours of tension, Liu Dan I woke up in the second morning and said to the doctor's phone number.

When the family saw Liu Dan, he was excited to express, and Director Li said: The surgery knife is used to save his life, and can save the patient's life is the greatest happiness of our doctor. Family holds Li Wenyao's hand only says two words "Thank you!".

This is our doctor, there is no rhetoric, no magnesium light flashes, some is just a responsibility, a mission, a selfless dedication to the health of the people.

"5.12" in 2008, a sudden disaster, a war without smoke, a strong shock, facing life and death, our medical staff chooses --- Remind your life to the patient, put your own danger disregard.

At 2:28 pm that day, the gynecology department of the Tongchuan Mining Bureau is crowded with people: "Earthquake!" The family of running and the patient started running out. At this time, one of the rescue rooms just admitted. Extraction of ectopic pregnancy, internal bleeding, blood loss shock patients, life is dangerous, liquid cannot be entered, the attendance doctor Yan Qing makes nurse Li Jie's brain surgery Huang Bin doctor is routing the venous tube ... Shake did not make the medical staff who is working in the hands of the medical staff who is working. Work, and the patient who violent pain has forgotten the embarrassment, and the director of Qi Zhixun said: "Surgery!"

Someone asked: "Xiaoyu, are you not afraid of death?"

"That life is tight!"

"I have heard that there is still a aftershock in four o'clock, and the operation time is not enough."

"No matter whether there is any aftershock, we hurry to complete the surgery at the fastest speed, save the life of the patient."

"That time people run, what should we do?"

"It is dying to die on the operating table, you can't throw the patient on the operating table." Director, Xiao Yan said. Time is life, under close cooperation of anesthesiologists and nurses, Director, only 30 minutes, complete surgery, 36 years old Xu Xiaoyan, a miner's wife got a new job. She said excited: "I can't see the doctor's face, I don't know who is doing surgery for me, but I really want to be the most terrible, let me catch up, but I will catch me when you are happiest. So many people who don't know, in order to save me, the danger of rising life gives me the continuation of life, what else is I unknown!

Yes, white warriors and patients, they live and die, hard to create a miracle, build a miracle with their hands into your safe road, let humanity radiate the most beautiful brilliance.

Life is invaluable. We have to cherish every inch time, but also use rational principles to avoid everything that should not happen, we can enjoy a clear blue sky, bright sunshine, gentle and wind, Jing Ying Moonlight, starlight, Silk bamboo singing,Fragrant floral.Only with life, we can face the world with a fantocity, open mind, feel a little bit of happiness, feel the beauty of ordinary, a lot of smiles, let the sun full of the sun.Whether it is the wind and a day, or a difficult and difficult years, only with gratitude is to have more love.Friends, dear friends, let us cherish life, respect life, interpret the most shining chapter for the fresh life!