"Snow is a sailing", anti-slip is smooth

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"Snow is a sailing", anti-slip is smooth

2021-11-30 18:03:27 40 ℃

These two days, we are enjoying the snow, the snowman, the wind, the wind, the road, but they silently guard our road safely in the ice and snow.

The opening of the fast freezing pattern and the arrival of the big wind, and the workers of Guanshan tunnel do not sleep all night. Ren, with the wind blow, stick to the tunnel to remove the snow, use iron, sprinkle with salt car, forklift, on-site disposal, and time, speed, season race, and ensure that the tunnel is unimpeded.

Under the double test of the epidemic situation, Zhuang Wai Road maintenance employees "Snow as a result", quickly organize personnel, mechanical equipment to carry out ice-skating and snowing operations in key roads, guaranteeing the normal passage of anti-epidemic materials and living materials transportation vehicles. At present, the section sections of the whole section are open. (Ma Yaping, Zhuangyu Road, Gansu, Ma Yaping)

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