Xiaomi public welfare platform officially launched

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Xiaomi public welfare platform officially launched

2021-11-30 18:03:53 38 ℃

Beijing Business News (Reporter Shi Feiyue) On November 30, Xiaomi Group announced that the Xiaomi Public Welfare Platform officially launched.Public Welfare Platform for education student, emergency disaster relief, rural revitalization, medical assistance and other charity donation, providing safety compliance, accurate and efficient service, exploring new models of internet charity.

It is understood that in addition to the official website (gongyi.mi.com) online, the Xiaomi Public Welfare Platform is still in the Xiaomi mobile phone operating system MIUI's negative screen, Xiaomi Community, Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi, Xiaomi official new media matrix and other core business andThe high-quality platform opens traffic resources to provide users with convenient access.

At the same time, including China Children's Children's Foundation, Shenzhen 壹 fund charity foundation, Beijing Thanksgiving Public Welfare Foundation, Beijing Haidian Education Foundation, Beautiful China Education Project, Beijing Xinyang Charity Foundation, Chun Hui Bo love, joint persuasion public welfare, full dayStar Public Welfare, True Dream Public Welfare Foundation and other public welfare institutions have settled in the first phase of the millet public welfare platform, and the charity projects involved in education, emergency disaster relief, special needs education.