Microncasting · Lin'an is in the latent grassroots, "order" preaching "delivery"

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Microncasting · Lin'an is in the latent grassroots, "order" preaching "delivery"

2021-12-01 00:04:18 31 ℃

"Two established 'reflects the common wishes of all ethnic groups of the whole party, will provide more strong political guarantee for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ..." Recently, Hangzhou Lin'an is in the Queen Town of Duali Town. President Fan Jingjing conducts the preaching of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Party Members of Guanshan Village and Two Parten Parts in the Leading Group Memorial Hall of the Communist Central Committee. Theoretical preaching combined with the on-site visit, the party members in the scene were very serious. Unlike previous preaching activities, this preaching is that the grassroots party organization is invited by the "order".

In late November, in the launch of the sub-depth study of the spirit of "six words and six-to-six" big-procure activities. In order to ensure the grassroots level of preaching activities, the masses are called well, and the resource of the Qi Town integrate Township, Youth Chuangke, and the "Poto New Show Propagander Mission" composed of the organs established by the year was expanded and optimized. Combined with the "three services", according to the preliminary and preaching theme of the propaganda group, the list of propaganda will be determined, and the 74 grassroots party organizations in the dunnant can be "order", and after the preliminary "order", they will take the village. Enterprise to carry out public presentation.

"Point" preaching has been introduced by the party organizations at all levels of the town, and there is currently 10, in addition, more than 40 party organizations have been "ordering" success, just waiting for the delivery On the door. In order to improve the quality and business level, members of the "Pommented New Show Propagander Mission" also use the "cultivated weaving hall" "Party history to learn the Youth Salon" and other town-level learning carriers, online online, and actively carry out the "Brainstorming" exchange Propaganda.

The responsible person in the sub-town said: "The 'point single' preaching is just a measures for the spirit of the Plenary Session. Next, in the subtots will also carry out the leading cadres to the village to enter the enterprise, organize the spirit of the Plenary Session. , 30 administrative villages propaganda cultural staff use the 'mobile small speaker' to carry out preaching, let the 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Spiritual "Flying into the Usual People 's Home'."