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Automotive highway, the company

2021-12-01 06:04:50 44 ℃

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, November 20 (full media reporter and Tingting correspondent Zeng Zhang Zhongbo) As we all know, the vehicle has failed at the high speed, first to ensure that the person's own safety, but there is such a driver "bile"Large", after the vehicle has failed, I have chosen to get off the bus, regard life as a play.At 11:37 on November 28, the Anticultural Center Toll Station surveillars found that the Pingdong Expressway Ma'an section found that the Pingdong Expressway Ma'an section was pushed down to a burst of high-speed, and the class was monitored.The member quickly reports the high-speed traffic police and mobilizes the monitoring of real-time tracking reports until the traffic police came.

After the event, the traffic police did not alarm the violation of the failed behavior of the fault in accordance with the regulations after the vehicle was faulty.

Hunan Express Tips: Please call 12122 or 96528 after the vehicle has failed.