I only do this!Men's legs like a zombie, all have a good blood vessel ...

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I only do this!Men's legs like a zombie, all have a good blood vessel ...

2021-12-01 06:05:15 48 ℃

"Cherish life, stay away from drugs."

After decades of anti-drug publicity and education,

This sentence is already a well-known in China.

What effect does drug abuse will affect?

How is the people who take drugs?

As the special disease drug contracting staff of Hunan Province,

Hunan Province is in Mountain forced isolation in the drug rehabilitation center

Because of drug

And the drug addicts suffering from a variety of strange diseases.


Xiaobian takes you into the magical detoxification medical center,

Look at 2 cases of drug abuse

Vascular inflammation

what does it look like.

Note: The picture will cause discomfort, careful!

Video drug rehabilitation personnel in the video nearly 30 years,

It is less ignorant, and the pursuit of the trend.

I'm taking it into hard.



Since then, it is entangled with drug addiction and pain.

Heoxin is five times that of morphine,

The extension reaction is very serious.

Multiple 海 洛 因

In most cases, people will add addiction.

Generate strong physiological and psychological dependence.

Heroin's smoothing method

Nasal sniffing, taking food,

Subcutaneous injection and intravenous injection,

The latter two methods are more common,

The harm to the body is also greater.

Drug mixture directly into blood vessels,

Extremely easily forming a thrombus caused blockage,

Its toxicity has made the intraminated intrafunction.

Caused a large area of ​​blood vessel obstruction.

The person who is seriously ill,

A blood vessels can be found under all body.

Note: The picture will cause discomfort, careful!

This situation will not only bring difficult problems,

The patient itself has to withstand continuous pain.

The feeling of the nerve ending is insecting,

The skin gradually changes in texture,

Even gangrenous, ulcers, dry necrosis,

If you don't get effective treatment,

It will face the consequences of amputation.

Drug addiction is often accompanied by complications.

Heroin complications have AIDS,

Hepatitis, syphilis, pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

The abuse will appear unexpectedly, smastern,

The body is thin, talking is unclear,

Symptoms of skin itching, low immune function;

Abuse "K Powder", may result

Dependent syndrome, mental disorder,

Cognitive dysfunction, physical complications, etc.

Many people don't have a clear understanding of the consequences of drug abuse.

I don't even feel that it is not a big deal.

There are many people who have contaminated drugs.

I know that drug is not good, but I can't get determined,

Until the body has a variety of strange diseases,

Feeling that the pain that is not as good as death is regret.

The illness caused by drugs is tasty,

If you want to be bleak pain,

Never step on the first step in sin.

If you have a family, friends want to take drugs,

Or still in the quagmire in the drug addiction,

Let them look at these videos.

Be sure to refuse drugs, cliff!

Cherish life away from drugs

"Drive is harmful to health, don't let your life are destroyed in drugs."

Anti-drug news delivery

Anti-drug propaganda into the campus, anti-virus knowledge into the hearts

In order to improve the anti-drug knowledge and legal awareness of young students, November 29, Guangzhou Municipal Anti-drug Office shall invite the Guangdong Machinery Technician College to send Nadila police to the school to hold the anti-drug education propaganda lecture. This event has a total of 1800 students to participate. .

In the classroom, the police against the psychological cognition of young people, surrounding the common anti-drug anti-drug, minor crime in the lives of the students, and combining the case to explain the students, guide students to cherish life, stay away from drugs, do carefully Learning, law-abiding, usage.

The propaganda activities further improve the students to see toxicity, anti-drug, and refuse to poisonize, and create a good atmosphere for the creation of safe and non-toxic campuses.