Tonguan District creates a healthy environment to build a healthy copper official

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Tonguan District creates a healthy environment to build a healthy copper official

2021-12-01 18:04:04 35 ℃

Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting people's comprehensive development and is the basic conditions for economic and social development. In recent years, the Tongling City Tonglong City has implemented the Party Central Committee "" Health China 2030 "Planning Outline to improve the health literacy level of the public to carry out" healthy literacy to promote action "as a carrier, create a full range of health support Sexual environment, guide the general public to master health basic knowledge, establish the correct health concept, consciously adopt a good behavior and lifestyle, improve the ability to prevent disease and self-care, forming a good society to safeguarding health, people Atmosphere, building a healthy copper officer has achieved positive results.

The district launches healthy households, communities, units, schools, catering and other construction work, strictly promoted according to the supportive environmental construction standards, effectively play the model guidance and benchmark effect, and actively construct a full range of health supportive environments. At present, there are 13 health communities in the region, 65% of the creation rate; 249 healthy families, 32 health units, 10 Kangco Tang, 20 Healthy Restaurant, 22 Health Schools, 11 Health Theme Park 14 Health Trails, 23 Health Cabin, 20 Health Promenade, have created a good atmosphere of sharing healthy copper officials in all people.

At the same time, the area has created support conditions, providing all-round convenience services, forming a community morning training point reached 175, a total of 1050 pieces of sports venues, a per capita sports space area of ​​2.21 square meters, 15 minutes sports fitness circle basically built . 11 community health service centers and 1 township hospitals have set a self-service health test point. Popularize the mass sports, implementing the sports venues to open to the public, and the regular participation in the morning last year accounted for 46.59%. Adhere to the health concept of "Everyday Working Every Day, Health Work Every Day, Happy Life Well", organizes the work of staff, enterprises and institutions, and 85% of the work rate; the annual annual organization is organized to carry out basketball, badminton, Table tennis, walking, hiking, etc.

In addition, the district launched the national controlled action, requiring indoor public places, comprehensively ban smoking, indoor public places, workplaces and public transport, non-smoking, and smoking banned labeling coverage rate of 100%. Incorporate all units to smoke measures into civilized city to create content, combined with new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, focus on "cherish life, control tobacco" theme, vigorously carry out control and publicity, and post the control of smoking, and make the masses to establish " The awareness of the first responsible person ", let the" smoking harmful health "concept deeply into the hearts of people, and persuade to ring the smoking. (Tong Guanxuan)