Beijing: Key Projects such as Winter Olympics ensure that the full coverage is inspected once every week

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Beijing: Key Projects such as Winter Olympics ensure that the full coverage is inspected once every week

2021-12-01 18:03:20 28 ℃

People's Network Beijing November 30 (Reporter Meng Bamboo) This morning, the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Beijing hosted the city series press conference ecological environment special convened. The press conference was learned that "four-section and one environmental protection" helps the Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympics all new venues use high standard green design and construction technology. In addition, through the dust video surveillance platform, Beijing's 2,100 installed video surveillance equipment in the city, regular inspections of municipal infrastructure projects, focus on key projects such as Winter Olympics, and ensure that the full coverage is inspected once. At present, 123 projects in Beijing have been rated as "green belongings" site.

Ding Sheng, member of the Party Group of Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, Ding Sheng, deputy director, in the main body of the Olympic venues and environmental governance around the relevant facilities, doing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled City Environmental Elevation and Landscape Construction Work, Organize the city's residential construction system to carry out environmental remediation, highlight the winter Olympics venues, winter disabled venues, related event places, roads along the road, and the environmental remediation of the surrounding projects, strict implementation " Three packs in front of the "six hundred percent" measures, strengthen the non-road mobile mechanical management of construction site, adhere to "enter the door to verify, go to check the car", continue to increase the environmental management control of construction site, strengthen the source management of building waste, and ensure winter Olympics Will, the environmental improvement of the Winter Disabled Association is efficient and orderly.

In terms of Winter Olympic Green Venue, all new venues in Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disappropriations use high standards of green design and construction technology, adhering to "Building energy conservation, architectural festival, construction water, construction) Samsung Green Architectural Design Identification. Among them, the National Speed ​​Sliding Museum is the world's first Winter Olympics, which is directly evaporated by carbon dioxide. Ding Sheng introduced that this technology is currently the most environmentally friendly ice technology in the world, carbon emissions approaches zero; the national snowcot sled center is the world's first overall cap shed. The shed can effectively reduce the impact of climate factors on the ice, and minimize the energy loss of the track; the national alpine ski center is used to reduce the soil loss and renewal and use technology in the construction, reduce the soil loss in the competition, and maximize the land. Introduce the race area, protect the native seed library, reduce the chances of foreign species invasion.

In terms of governance construction site, as of the end of November 2021, Beijing has a total of 3058 projects in the construction of house buildings and municipal infrastructure projects, including 2146 projects above installation conditions, 2146 items have been installed, and the installation rate is 100%. The city has been installed with a video surveillance system with a total of 96 concrete mixing plants in the city. The overall installation rate of the video system of the city construction project (including the mixing station) is 100%, 6971 cameras. The Municipal Housing and Construction Committee conducted regular inspections of house buildings and municipal infrastructure projects that had been installed with video surveillance equipment throughout the city, and key projects such as Winter Olympics and other key projects were proved to be proved. Inflatable patrol frequencies during the period of work, major activities, etc. The dust illegal violations found in the non-live inspections, the illegal plots have been mild, and they have urged the responsible unit to change, the illegal plot is serious, and the on-site verification is carried out to ensure the construction site of Strictly-control control.

From January 1 to November, 2021, the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee conducted 111367 items, 501 on-site verification projects, and the non-live inspection discovered that the dust issues were urged to rectify 2843 times, and the dust illegal violation project was 175. Detailed 49 construction units, about 12 video service companies, suspended 2 construction units in Beijing. Due to the unseasonable treatment plan for the construction waste disposal, the large-scale naked and terrible sides have been transferred to the city's related departments, and the relevant departments of the municipal counterfeit and regulations were transferred to 278 vehicles.

In terms of rectifying construction enclosures, in accordance with the Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled An Olympics Environmental Rehabilitation Work Program and the "Depions and Remediation of Improvement" work plan, organize the city's construction enclosure standard rectification work, and the mass, height, decoration Propose clear requirements to ensure the construction enclosure "Rugged, strict, contour, straight, neat, beautiful". Up to now, the city's housing construction system 365 is full of remediation 363, and the completion rate is 99.45%. The construction of all systems in the city has a total of 2317, which has been demolished at 258, which has been specified in 1956, and the overall completion rate is 96%.

In the "Green Site" creation work, through the "green brand" construction site leads to the demonstration role, continuously improve the management level of the construction site to create the management level, and lay a solid foundation for successful completion of environmental remediation. Up to now, 2 "green belongings" site selection work has been carried out, and 123 projects in the city have been rated as "green belong" site.

In the "Polishing Beijing City, Meeting the Winter Olympics" special action, conduct special campaigns of illegal small advertising in the city of housing urban and rural construction, with the key points of urban management, the key advertisements of the property community and real estate fields. Based on the provisions of the "Beijing City Costa Environmental Health Regulations", highlight real estate development enterprises, real estate brokerage institutions involve real estate sales, rent, rent, rent, etc. Small advertising situation. Require real estate development enterprises, real estate brokerage agencies should fully launch the self-examination and self-examination efforts of the full marketing chain, and stop the marketing promotion of illegal small advertisements. Property service enterprises have increased the comprehensive inspection of management communities, implement clearing cleansing, implementation, discourage, and reporting obligations. The land management department is working with the urban management department in accordance with the division of labor. Ding Sheng said that next step will continue to carry out environmental remediation work in the city's house construction and municipal infrastructure project construction site, requiring project participation in the construction of "green construction management" in accordance with the work of "governance, improvement, beautification". The procedures "various requirements, ensure that the road does not see soil, the vehicle does not take the mud, the surroundings do not dust, the naked soil is not exposed, the loess," guide important streets, traditional cultural neighborhoods and municipal government provisions Building transformation and external decoration use hard enclosures coordinated with the surrounding environment, prohibiting the use of construction sites to set out outdoor advertisements, which is strictly forbidden to mess up, doodle, chaos, further strengthen the construction site dust. Control, construction enclosure specification and construction waste governance work, and cooperate with the Capital Environment Office to continue to carry out special rectification of illegal small advertisements in the real estate field, in order to organize a simple, safe, and wonderful Olympic event to provide solid city environmental protection .