New Sub-district launched the 34th "World AIDS Day" series theme event

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New Sub-district launched the 34th "World AIDS Day" series theme event

2021-12-02 12:05:29 67 ℃

In order to promote the popularization of AIDS prevention knowledge, improve the understanding of AIDS, on December 1st, many hospitals and social organizations in the United Kingdom of the New Exchange, carry out series of topics such as intellectual sciences, clinics, condolences.

On December 1 this year, it was the 34th "World AIDS Day", the theme is "life first ending HIV health equality".

On the day of the event, the Red Cross Boai Lodge Volunteer Service Company took anti-Ai promotion in the District People's Hospital and Dafeng Street. At the event, the volunteers wear red ribbon at the chest, and the popular science and forward guidance of the disease through posters, manuals, orders, etc.

In the district Chinese medicine hospital propaganda point, the Nankin Galvoli Care Service Team of the Division of the United Zhishui Union District Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Square was a clinic.

This anti-Ai promotion activity, truly propagating anti-Ai knowledge to each of the residents, medical social workers and medical volunteer team patiently and meticulous service, effectively popularizing medical common sense, improving the health awareness of residents .

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