Release the policy dividend to protect the green water Qingshan (the people's commentary)

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Release the policy dividend to protect the green water Qingshan (the people's commentary)

2021-12-02 12:05:17 59 ℃

News Source: People's Daily

Ecological protection repair is an important guarantee for the national ecological security boundary to promote the overall improvement of natural ecosystem quality. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Be sure to make a big account, count the long report, calculate the whole account, and account". Promoting the integrated protection and repair of the grass sand in the lake in the mountains, the comprehensive management, system governance, source governance, and thus need the whole society to support the support of ecological protection repair, jointly promote the construction of beautiful China.

In recent years, my country's ecological protection and repair work have achieved remarkable results. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the central government cumulative arrangement of ecological protection repair related transfer payment of 87.79 billion yuan, promoting the continuous improvement of ecological environment. At the same time, many places actively explore the new model and new path of social capital participation in ecological protection repair. For example, Henan Huixian Wulongshan abandoned mine ecological restoration, putting rural tourism as a trainer, activating local land, labor, natural scenery, etc. Wenzhou gives the enterprise certain period of high-quality tourism resource use rights, building "sea garden", and play the company's advantage to help ecological protection repair. These explorations practice "green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan", achieving a win-win situation of ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits, and provides revelation and reference for other places.

However, it is also necessary to see that due to the long-term high-intensity land development, mineral resource mining and the development and utilization of sea areas, some regional damaged degradation problems have highlighted, and there are many historical owners, and the ecological protection repair task is wide. And the funds are high. At the same time, the ecological protection repair project has strong public welfare attributes, the return on investment has long, the income is low, and social capital participation is still insufficient. Breaking the reality of bottlenecks, it is not enough to rely on fiscal investment. Fully understanding and supporting social capital participation in the importance of ecological protection repair, measures, strengthening, and strengthening the implementation, it can promote more effective effects.

A perfect policy system is an important support for social capital participation in ecological protection repair. Not long ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Encoucent and Supporting Social Capital Participation in Ecological Protection Repair" to give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and better play the role of government, focus on key areas, stimulating market vitality, and promoting ecology Protection repair high quality development. The "Opinions" and "National Important Ecosystem Protection and Repair Major Engineering Master Plan (2021-2035)" The Opinions on Establishing Judicial Ecological Product Value Implementation Mechanism "and other documents constitute the" four gallest columns "of ecological protection repair . All localities must formulate implementation opinions, management methods, etc. according to actual conditions, and guide the industry, project layout, and promote social capital effective participation.

For social capital, participating in ecological protection repairs both highlighting the social responsibility of relevant subjects, but also the development opportunities that cannot be missed. Whether it is to adopt the "Ecological Protection Repair + Industry Import" mode, or apply for certification of carbon exchange increments and transactions, or through the comprehensive utilization of resources approved by the government, the development, industrial development, industry development, Technology innovation, technical services, etc., social capital has a variety of ways to take into account ecological benefits and economic benefits in ecological protection repair. To this end, the governments at all levels must release the policy bonus, build "who repairs, who benefits" ecological protection repair market mechanism, increases quality ecological product supply, extension the ecological product value chain, realize social capital, retreat, there is income.

Encourage social capital involvement, does not mean that the government's burden is light. At the same time as the governments at all levels, the government should also regulate the ecological protection repair market order, and strengthen supervision according to law. Do a good job in planning management, regulatory services, risk prevention, etc., unified market access; Violation of the act of laws and regulations ... Only the establishment of a publicly transparent market rules can create a good business environment for social capital to participate in ecological protection repair.

A good ecological environment is the most fair public product and is the most popular people's livelihood. In-depth development of green mountains and green hills to Jinshan Yinshan, to participate in ecological protection for social capital to increase power, stimulating vitality, excavation potential, we can make green water green mountains brighter, Jinshan Yinshan has more completed, promoting beauty China's construction is constantly achieving new progress.