The family is crazy to help the nurses, but they say: I spend money, please care, the nurse dry?

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The family is crazy to help the nurses, but they say: I spend money, please care, the nurse dry?

2021-12-03 12:50:18 58 ℃

Lead: "In addition to changing the medicine, two times a day, two words 'body temperature is normal?" There is something to press Bell'. "Recently, a specialist hospital respiratory medical ward, a pneumonia patient complained.

He didn't know that Li Lili, a person, Li Lili, is responsible for 6 patients. In addition to injection, the patient's condition and infusion situation, also wrote a care record, blood, blood collection. Newly received two patients, escorting a critical patient out of examination, and they didn't drink in the mouth when they were busy.

According to the "Survey Report of China Nurses Group Development", 94.1% of the survey object believes that the nurse work content is the highest proprietary drug, but does not understand the specific work of the nurse. Many patients and their families even feel that the races of the high price have replaced the job of the nurse. Why is this?

You take care of the patient

Why don't you please care?

Recently, Zhang Shuo's mother suddenly breathed difficulties, with mild dehydration symptoms. After 9 o'clock, it was sent to the hospital for treatment, diagnosed as pneumonia. The nurse has to handle the procedures, and the infusion will be "disappeared" after a few days.

One questioner price, the cheapest will also have 200 yuan a day. Zhang Shuo can only invite the mother of the 7-year-old fake care, she does not have the care of the care experience. In the face of the mother of breathing, how much is appropriate, how to help clean up the breathing secretion, can you take the back, whether you need it? 24-hour oxygen, oxygen content can be adjusted. Zhang Shuo took more than 10 questions about "Press Bell" to help nurses. In the end, both parties have burst out, noisy.

"You are not good for patients, why don't you ask for a care?"

"I spend money, please care, the nurse is dry?"

Li Lili believes that Zhang Shuo helps the problem of life care, this is not in her job responsibilities. If time allows, she is willing to guide Zhang Shuo to care in detail, but the severe patient is waiting for her escort to check. Zhang Shuzu believes that the hospital payment project includes "nursing fee", the nurse should perform medical advice, to do basic care and specialist care for patients, and contradictions.

Nurses' responsibilities

Terms description

In 2008, the Nurses Regulations pointed out that nurses refer to the health technicians who have obtained the nurse practice certificate, engage in nursing activities, fulfill the protection of life, reducing pain, and enhancing health responsibilities. In 1978, the Original Health Department "General Hospital Organization Preparation (Trial)" stipulates that the proportion of the medical and health institution bed and nurses must not be less than 1: 0.4. However, in the past 41 years, the bed care ratings of the ordinary wards in the third-level hospital are still a "reference standard" that is difficult to implement.

In reality, many patients who face Zhang Shuo's same dilemma choose to hire employed care.

However, the worker industry practitioners are mixed, and it is difficult to reach the professional level of nurses. "I looked at breathing, I will pull it." Last December, the hospital nurses changed after changing rooms, and there was no ventilator intubation on a coma, and there was no oxygen tube. Or diver. The nurse is immediately connected to the patient with the fastest speed to the patient, if the patient's blood oxygen saturation does not meet the standard, there will be life hazard. Afterwards, it was found that the care workers were unplugged. The reason was that she looked at the patient's breathing, and this careman has been working for 3 years.

Guard can't replace the nurse

Both have clear division of labor

Shenyang, a trim hospital ward nurse, Chang Jiang Yan, told reporters that the caregiver has replaced the nurse. Medical care is not only injustice, but also includes nursing prescriptions, rehabilitation guidance, psychological counseling. In clinical practice, nurse also plays a significant care, infection control, emergency first aid, and the caregiver is only a caregiver of life. "The former is required to sterilize, and the latter will inevitably contact bacteria due to working properties. Any hospital will not let the patient go to the patient and then take a needle, so the caregiver and nurses cannot replace each other."

No accompanying ward

In response to the problem of the total cost of the caregiver, the medical disputes, etc. It is designed to "not rely on the patient's family or family self-employed care patients, significantly reduce the accompanying rate", alleviate the care expenditure of hospital patients and the burden on the family. However, this "no accompanying ward" is not difficult to implement.

"Drying and care workers are as many, the income is twice." Wang Bo was an emergency department of Shenyang Elderly Hospital. The first year of the work is 1600 yuan per month, and the third year has risen to 3,000 yuan per month. In contrast, only the simple training of the careman can earn 6,000 yuan per month for 3 years. "So I am also a bachelor's degree in the university, even the house can't afford it." Chen Yunjun, director of the Nursing Department, told 107 nurses, an average of 6 patients, and college students with 20 nursing majors last year. 10 people walked 10 per year.

"Investigation Report on China Nurses Group Development" shows that 77.5% of the nurse monthly income is less than 5,000 yuan, 37.6% is less than 3,000 yuan.

The hospital has studied the implementation of 'Quality Care', requiring every patient to have 'tube bed nurse' full, from three inspections every day, observe the patient's situation, to the patient's psychology, health education. Even if patients and their families do not want to care workers, feeding, turning over, laughing, and other life care nurse must also assist. "This is undoubtedly doubled, and the salary has not changed." Wang Bo said. In the end, all of the hospital nurse opposed, can only be implemented in the special care unit. The concept of "heavy medical care, light care" has also hurt the hearts of nurses. "Impressurers are lost money, I can't attract patients like experts, and I can't bring benefits as ordinary physicians' top '. Many hospitals regard nurses as service staff, and the first choice for' ranking." Chen Yujun said.

The care workers are in the hospital, employed in patients or their families, assist nurses to conduct daily care and assistance of patients. In the case of unexpected nurses, the patient and family employment will be inevitable.

Why is the skill level than the nurse, but what is earning more than nurse? Chen Yunjun explained: "Most of the caregivers should take 24 hours, the labor intensity is large, no one is willing to do, the market regulation is high. Nurses position is compiled, the nursing cost is not long, the salary has increased slowly. There are some The 'Contract Nurse' is a very low salary. Therefore, the contrast is highlighted. "

Double tubes can be taken

"Adjust the care fee is bound to." Jiang Yan believes that the unreasonableness of the nursing fee is the root cause of the problem. Insufficient medical resources in the current medical resource, the hospital operation can only be reluctant, it is difficult to gain salary to nurse. This causes the nurse who have a shortage, high quality nursing difficult promotion, and the management of care workers, and therefore, adjust the care costs.

"Adjustment is not random growth, average growth, and to consider the burden of the people and the hard position." Jiang Yan said. She suggested that the adjustment of some of the care fees will be included in medical insurance, government reducing the care economic burden of patients and their families. At the same time, the relevant departments determined the price of nursing costs based on nurses science in different positions, and the stages were reasonably adjusted.

The incentive mechanism is equally important. Wang Baking believes that hospitals at all levels should establish a workload, labor intensity, technical and risk of revenue, promotion, etc., the distribution mechanism of labor, labor value, and compensation match matching mechanism.

In the case of insufficient nurse, strengthen the supervision of the care industry, and the level of the career skill level is now the key to solving the problem. Jiang Yanfeng, chairman of Shenyang Niangzi Military Home Economics Service Company Industrial Group, government classification, stages of training, and distinguishing from professional care workers and ordinary care. The usual accommodation in the patient's daily lives is only necessary to judge the potential risks and promptly ask for medical care staff. The civil affairs department can give training subsidies. The medical care staff needs to be trained through professional skills, and improve the medical level through continuing education and higher vocational colleges.

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