Nanyang Wancheng District Wulibao Street: Zhenzhi Talent Growth Volate Service Optimization Business Environment

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Nanyang Wancheng District Wulibao Street: Zhenzhi Talent Growth Volate Service Optimization Business Environment

2021-12-03 12:49:36 44 ℃

Dongfang this newspaper · Mammoth news reporter Zhang Ding has Wei Guangbao correspondent Yuan Shuangshuang Sun Jing Li Yuan /

Since this year, Wuribao Street, Wancheng District, Nanyang City has implemented the provincial, municipal, and district on optimizing the environmental decision-making deployment, will promote the convenience of talents, the optimization of talent environment, as an important part of optimizing the business environment, and continuously expand the talent channel. Gather more excellent talents, build a new era of talents gathered highlands, providing a talent team guarantee for the continuous optimization business environment.

Adhere to the party management talent and improve the talent management mechanism. The street has established a talent work leading group with Secretary Hu Shanliang, who is a team leader, adheres to a higher station, wider horizons, and greater intensive and talent work. Seriously investigate the talent situation in the jurisdiction, establish a Wulibao street talent database, and implement a special person to update the stock of talent, statistical survey in the situation, corporate talent needs, etc., and establish a detail account, improve the street talent resource information. Up to now, the total row statistics are 13 talents in the high-level talents, and more than 20 advanced talents are introduced.

Strengthen policy propaganda and create talent work atmosphere. Relying on the "concentric joint" demonstration alley in Baihe Community, the masses will be promoted to the residents of the jurisdiction in the jurisdiction of the people. Build a "full media" talent propaganda system, promptly promote the good practice of carrying out talent work in our streets and the masses, making the talents of talents, departing into the people, striving to create a talents, love talents, gathering, usage A strong atmosphere.

Create an innovative environment and inspire talents to create vitality. Effectively implement talents introduce preferential measures, smoothly introduce "green channels", continuously enhance the attractiveness of talents and the vitality of talents, and provide intellectual support for street construction and development. By with Nanyang City "Zhuge's cultivated land, Guangji" Special actions for recruiting talents, organized the street offices to hold activities such as enterprises, and actively introduce all kinds of high-level talents. The Wulibao Street jurisdiction has also received the demand for Middle-high-end talents at the Talent Talent Office of Wancheng District, and the Wancheng District People's Social Security Bureau has been supported by Corili Technology Co., Ltd. is rated as a district-level talent innovation site teaching point. .

Next, Wulongbu Street will continue to take advantage of the optimization business environment, firmly establish the scientific concept of "Talent Resources is the first resource", and accelerate the "Zhuge Yingcai Plan" landing effect, play, and focus on expanding the scale of talents, Improve the quality of talents, optimize talent structure, provide strong talent guarantee and power support for Nanyang accelerated construction sub-center city.