Beijing Disease Control: Ways of the people in Harbin, please take the initiative

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Beijing Disease Control: Ways of the people in Harbin, please take the initiative

2021-12-03 12:51:49 70 ℃

Beijing News News According to Beijing Disease Control Center, 12:00 to 9:00 on December 2nd, 1 case of new catenut pneumonia was added.

At present, the foreign epidemic is high, and the local cases have been reported in China. In recent days, South Africa has initially detected a new crown virus variant. According to existing information, some national cases such as Africa have grown rapidly, and the World Health Organization is defined as the fifth "" concerned Variable strain ", named: O'Keri variability strain. The city's epidemic prevention and control facing the double risks in the overseas, the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, and we must continue to adhere to the prevention and control strategy of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", strictly implement prevention and control responsibility, effectively control and reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, Beijing The CDC reminds the public:

First, the relevant personnel please take the initiative. There is a communication personnel with the trajectory of the release case, and since November 26 (inclusive) passes through the Nangang District, Xiangfang District, Taoist Area of ​​Harbin, Harbin, November 24th; November 24th (inclusive) On the 24th (inclusive), it has passed through the Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province; From the 17th (inclusive), it has passed through Shanghai Huangpu District, Qingpu District, Songjiang District; The close contact person of the CDC's telephone call should immediately take the initiative to report to the community, units, hotels and other prevention and control measures such as health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, such as fever, cough, etc., do not participate in social activities. Do not take public transport, do not hit online, wear a mask, and to the nearby hospital to send a medical treatment, do not purchase medicine, take medicine, to inform the doctor, contact history and physical abnormal situation.

Second, persistence is not necessary to leave, and it is not necessary to pay attention to Beijing. Pay close attention to the progress of the epidemic situation in the near future; not going to the regional tourism and business trip of the high-risk area and report confirmed cases; not required to mail goods from overseas high-risk areas, cautiously mail goods in the country of local epidemic. Transportation hubs such as airports, stations, road cards, and units such as hotels, hotels, and homes have strengthened investigated control. According to the relevant provisions, they will strictly implement the test code, and verify the various prevention and control measures such as nucleic acid certification.

The third is to adhere to the normalized epidemic prevention and control personal protective measures. Citizen friends should adhere to the scientific wearing mask, wash hands frequently, always ventilated, reduce dinner party, try not to go to a place where the crowd is intensive, air does not circulate. Consciously abide by epidemic prevention measures, in public malls, supermarkets, hotels, theater, stadium, bus, subway, airport terminal, road card, etc. . Each public place must have an independent health code. It is necessary to adhere to all health treasures to register, and ensure that the efforts of the epidemic will quickly notify you to protect your health and safety.