Life travels to the mountain highway, but only roses in my pocket

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Life travels to the mountain highway, but only roses in my pocket

2021-12-03 12:51:56 63 ℃

Text / Yao Hongyan


the meaning of life

If only the pursuit of success

The happy happiness may not be more

True to bring you a sense of accomplishment

Overcome itself

Explore the unknown field

In this constant grinding

Shape your own process

I can understand the value of the sincere joy and life.

Winter, cold and cool, teacher is okay. I remember that in 1970, the weather in Hongyan Village is also cold. But the sun will be very warm. That day, my father pulled my hand and left home. Father said to me, let's move, just go to Yayi City Primary School.

I was 7 years old that year, I just enlighten it, I feel that the village I live is so big, it is really broad. Miya City Primary School, the landlord is the landlord. In the yard, a big osmanthus tree, the time turned to August, and the garden is aroma. When you encounter a breeze, the osmanthus taste is in a ferry terminal, the nose is sensitive, and the nose is sensitive. One person, from a child, a good teacher is the luck of life.

My class teacher is also a teacher teacher. I don't know if I have given him a doctor, and the management is strict. Arrange every day to write a composition, exercise table tennis every day and his son. When the traffic is inconvenient, the road is not passing, the teacher also takes me to the city of Jin City, competition. Every day from the morning, almost arranged. The farmer is busy season, and I also sent me to his hometown to help the villagers underwater.

I remember once in summer, I gave me and his son, send two dry steamed buns, I can't swallow, put the left left, shadow, discard it on the roadside. He knew that the public asked me to review, and I was so dissatisfied with him. But when the teacher also praised me, he read many essays in the class, and also as a Fang, reported to the joint school award. I still remember the "I want to learn Li Sikuang" award.

If someone eliminates the lighthouse, how can we save it. I am awakened to this. Working with the teacher, the teacher is thin, high, and a "half-side household", family poverty. Her heard, the teacher is brave, calmly solve difficulties, help the poor, diligent, and teach the book. After the event, it does not retreat. He said that a man has a piggyback, and it is the most deficient. It is indeed that a person has determined our future living environment.

The teacher is my second mother. The teacher is approximately 80 years old this year, and it is joined in a lifetime. I arranged him and his grandson when I worked at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, in the forest park, staying for two days. Going back to urban areas often often go, and raised from Guangdong's son's home, he heard that he can also ride a motorcycle to and from the county, and the body is innocent.

Love is working together, love is never let go. Education profit in the Qianqiu, teachers must have feelings. Half a century, I didn't forget you. I have only roses left in my pocket. This is the teacher's teacher, and you can travel away from the road ...

About the author: Yao Hongyan, pen name green leaf, published more than 3,000 poems. He has served as Director of the School of Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhangjiajie City, and director of the reporting room of the Chamber of Commission for Discipline Inspection. Secretary, Deputy Director, Deputy Director, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiajie Family Planning Commission, Zhangjiajie City, the Communist Party of China Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

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