Singing civilization with new opera, Shanghai's first batch of civilized practical sing people debut - 2021 Shanghai civilization practice volunteer service season start

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Singing civilization with new opera, Shanghai's first batch of civilized practical sing people debut - 2021 Shanghai civilization practice volunteer service season start

2021-12-04 00:02:46 79 ℃

"Civilized practice, Hua opened the beginning of the beginning of the world; the rhyme of the East, sing the city of glory." When a civilized practice full of traditional drama, the civilized practice of the people like to see the new opera songs, today from Shanghai Beijing Theater, the Kunquator, The 6 national levels of the Yue Theater, the second-level actor Liang Weiping, Shi Yihong, Jiang Xiao Bo, etc., became the first batch of Shanghai civilized practices. In the future, they will combine civilized practice and national quintessence classics, with new, original drama, etc., the beauty of colorful art, and the beauty of civilization practice.

Everyone is a volunteer to show soft strength

On the afternoon of December 3, 202, on the occasion of the 36th "International Volunteer Day", the Shanghai Municipal Municipal Construction Committee Office, Shanghai Volunteer Association, Shanghai Volunteer Service Public Welfare Foundation, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Xuhui District Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, Shanghai Newspaper Group, Shanghai Radio and Television Station, Oriental Network, Shanghai Drama Art Center "Everyone is the volunteer people to show soft strength" - Shanghai civilized practice in 2021 Volunteer Service Season opening activities held in Wanping theater "Drama · Poly Space".

Direct hit on the spot

The highlights of the event, "2021 Shanghai Civilization Practice and Volunteer Service Annual Special Report" and "Shanghai Volunteer Service Blue Book (2021)" officially released, as the theoretical research results released every year, in order to promote the development of Shanghai volunteer service Theoretical support. The event site was given the "2020 Shanghai Volunteers to fight the new corona epidemic", "also awarded the" 2021 Shanghai Volunteer Association Best Partners "and" Shanghai Volunteer Service Public Welfare Foundation. Helping volunteer partners, released the fourth season "Shanghai Volunteer" expression package, and awarded the "civilized practice singer". There was also 100 volunteer service activities project menu that was deeply concerned and loved by Shencheng citizens.

Comrade, deputy director of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office, and Comrade Pan Min, Pan Min, delivered speeches on the opening ceremony. He pointed out that this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The first year of socialist modern national new journey. The spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Plenary Session puts forward new tasks, new requirements, new requirements, and volunteer service work in Shanghai, the new requirements, volunteers, volunteer service organizations, volunteers Service workers should be based on Shanghai's actual, effectively spread new ideas, lead the new wind, play a civilized practice and volunteer service in the process of improving urban soft power.

At the event, the leaders of the organizer jointly launched the "2021 Shanghai New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Season", issued 100 civilized practical volunteer service recommendations for the city. The vast majority of volunteers and volunteering organizations will actively carry out various types of civilized practices and volunteer service activities including theoretical preaching, respectful bodies, emergency rescue, environmental protection, passing civilized practices and volunteer services.

Civilization practice in Shanghai

As one of the series of activities of "2021 Shanghai New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer", this year's opening ceremony has also held "civilized practice in Shanghai" - "Oriental rhyme" enhances urban soft power special premiere activities. The event site invited the Shanghai Beijing Theater, Shanghai Kunming ", Shanghai Yue Theater, Shanghai Shanghai Theater, Shanghai Huai Shu Tissa, Shanghai Appraisal Orchestra, etc. "Cultural Practice of the Brilliant Road" "Civilization Practice New Journey" is the theme, focusing on the party's 100-year struggle and historical experience, promoting the new style of the times, highlighting the experimental related tracks such as urban character. In the meantime, Mao Shanyu, Gao Bowen and other opera names also explain the spiritual connotation that is reflected in the opera.

The publicity activities through the "Shanghai Volunteers" WeChat video number, "Shanghai Volunteers" officially shake,, Aqui Mid APP, Xuhui Tong APP and other platforms, the total number of views reached 211,000 .

It is reported that at the end of October, more than 5.8 million registered volunteers in Shanghai volunteers, accounting for more than 23% of the city's residents, and the per capita service of volunteers is 92 hours. The volunteer service project is 440,000, and 16 districts have been completed The new era civilization practice center, 221 township (street) level new era civilization practice division center, 6019 villages (residential) new era civilization practice station construction, and have created "demonstration belt" "" "1162 featured positions.