Another "high price" car accident, three-wheeled car hit the Rolls Royce wedding car, passers-by: sell iron!

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Another "high price" car accident, three-wheeled car hit the Rolls Royce wedding car, passers-by: sell iron!

2021-12-04 12:02:39 81 ℃

In daily life, many people are more envious of the luxury car, listen to others every day, Talk to Rolls Royce, Bentley or Ferrari, the ear does not consciously, it will be erected, of course, encounter luxury cars on the road, most The owner is hiding away, I am afraid of hurting people's cars, and licking those who have hit the Rolls Royce, the owner will pay for hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions. This money is for ordinary people. It is a high price. In the near future, Henan Yanshi has happened a lot of car accidents.

It is understood that at that time, the wedding car team was not slow in the road. The wedding car header was a Ferrari, and the scene of the eyes of the eyes made many passers-by to envy and bless eyes. At this time, one The emergence of a tricycle broke the way to the joy of the road. He hit the most in front of Rolls Royce, which let the newlyweds in the car are not calm, they are very anxious after they get off.

The three-wheeled car owner is aware of the problem, and then looked at the damage of Rolls Royce. When I saw the newcomer, I have been apologizing, the bride said that this car is from the rental rent, the specific price should In about seven or eight million, they don't know how much the car is losses. It can only wait for traffic police and resonant members to solve, groom and bride think to think can't be waiting here, so I have to sit next to it. Bentley car rushed to the wedding scene.

At this time, the passers-by also said that the newlyweds also held a ritual. Friends and family were waiting for them, and they couldn't always play the pigeons because of this. Two people immediately called the head of the rental line, let them catch up. Treat the accident. Later, I was responsible. It is the full responsibility of the tricycle owner. The Rolls-Royce's car is more than 800,000, which makes the watchman 唏唏.

What can 800,000 doing things for ordinary people? Buy a luxury car, buy a house is enough, if you buy a million car, you can buy a lot, some netizens guess, if the tricycle driver can afford the car, it is estimated that the three-wheeled car is running over the street. He must not have much money, can only go home to sell the pot to sell the money to compensate, and I don't know when it can pay these money. If the leased boss is less than enough to compensate.

Many passers-by believe that this tricycle owner is self-discipline, in general, the road on the road will see the wedding car team will consciously avoid it. After all, this is a big life, everyone holds a wedding, he does not let It is said that I have also hit people's wedding cars. I think that it is not worthy of sympathy. How much does it pay for a lot of money? I am afraid that no one wants to encounter. How do you think about this? Let's talk about your opinion.