Sixth Middle School in Shaoyang City launched 2021 new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency drills

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Sixth Middle School in Shaoyang City launched 2021 new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency drills

2021-12-04 12:02:17 56 ℃

Shaoyang News Online News (correspondent Zhang Liyan Tang Liang) To further test the ability to dispose of epidemic prevention and control, prevention and treatment work to promote the school of scientific, standardized procedures to protect the health of teachers and students, protection of school education and teaching have order to carry out, the morning of December 3, Shaoyang City, sixth high school organized a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency drills.

The exercise by a combination of online and offline and was intended to continue to find problems, further refine improve the emergency plan, the epidemic prevention and control of all work off the fine, sure.

The exercise is good for the organization, school epidemic prevention and control leading group developed a detailed exercise program, set up an emergency working group simulation exercises. Working Group for personnel involved in field work were trained to mobilize so that all personnel participating in the exercise clear understanding of their job content, job requirements, work flow, to really emphasize the simulation, drill to reality, the process should be fine.

According to the school emergency epidemic prevention and control program, this exercise were set up "teachers and students into the school, visiting staff into the school exercise," "morning, lunch and evening inspection and classroom exercises emergency situations", "parents of students or faculty families of confirmed cases reported as drill" "dormitory morning check body temperature anomalies exercise," the four emergencies disposal situation. Ready to begin the design, simulation personnel, unusual, isolated diagnosis, grading report, hospital treatment, notify the parents (families), premises disinfected, the follow-up screening, counseling and other aspects appease.

After the drill, the school leadership group agreed that the epidemic prevention and control, epidemic prevention and control is a top priority of the current school requires all members summarized by this exercise experience, find insufficient to make up the short board, to further improve the prevention and control of epidemic emergencies reported institute and disposal processes, grab Yan, realistically, grasping thin prevention and control of all aspects, and effectively protect the health and safety of students and staff, school work to ensure a smooth and orderly.