Quanzhou is only!Jinjiang this pedestrian street is very powerful!

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Quanzhou is only!Jinjiang this pedestrian street is very powerful!

2021-12-05 06:02:22 51 ℃


Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce announced

The first batch of Fujian Province special walks,

Jinjiang Wutai City Pedestrian Street List.

Congratulations to the traditional block of Jinjiang Wufei City

Favorite the first batch of Fujian Province specialty pedestrian street!

Shi Qingliang / photo

Characteristic pedestrian streets, Jindian Road, Jingshi Road, Huaye Lane, and the embassy alley into secondary street. Diversity buildings such as the Zone, Temple, DVD, and shops in the neighborhood.

Liu Yi / photo

Wu Shi City still maintains the "One Temple Shuangyu Shantun" and "One Street Seven Five-Store City" block cultural pattern, and integrates "Qingyang Eight View" and Minnan Galant Opera, Bagu Wood Drama, Tea Performance And the ancestral festival, the ancestor, etc.

Five stores have been honored for over the years

National AAAA Tourist Scenic Area

Cross-strait exchange base

China film shooting base

Chinese photography creative base

China Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base

National primary and secondary school student research practice education base

China Wenxue Integration Innovation Award

Fujian Province Three Diffuse Class Smart Scenic Area

Provincial historical and cultural street

Fujian Provincial Modern Service Industry Collective Demonstration Zone

Provincial Cultural Industry Demonstration Base

Fujian Province 2018-2020 Civilization Scenic Area

2021 Provincial Tourism Leisure Street Area

Standardize management operations

The five stores market to create a development positioning as a development of "Sanjin Xinjiekou, Jinjiang City Session", and introduce modern industrial business model while retaining traditional city wells. Through the government's effective supervision and marketization, the "protection and utilization", "transformation and revival" are explored and practiced, enhance urban cultural taste and commercial atmosphere through reasonable commercial ratio, so that the entire pedestrian street Vitality.

Acquisition of environmental optimization

Since the five stores, we have continuously improved our facilities and optimize the tourism environment. He successively completed the five-storey folk market, the home style training hall, the year-end holiday hall, the underground parking lot, the tourist center, the three-star tour toilet, the design and production of identification signage, etc.

On the basis of improving the construction of basic support, it will further enhance integrated management and service. Cultivated a full-time speech team, set up a five-store police office, the control room ... I want to think about the tourists, and create a clean, comfortable, safe, and civilized walking street environment.

Business enhances brand agglomeration

The neighborhood is always based on the social efficiency and cultural properties of the project, and it is also intended to create economic and commercial atmosphere. During the investment process, focus on local snack specialty, folk customs, health care, modern city fashion, cultural and creative, film and television photography, etc. The hotel is rich in service industries, which is planned in terms of cultural, dining, business, and publication.

Live inheritance consumption upgrade

As a collection of gathering of Minnan culture, the five-storey market spare no effort to inherit the traditional culture of Minnan and showcase traditional cultural charm. In addition to retaining some public places, set the five-store folk museum, the home style training hall, the year-end holiday hall, to the instrument, open-air stage, public exhibition hall, and the stage, non-legacy, etc., etc. As the non-material cultural heritage and folk customs Exhibition exhibition, in recent years, cultural aims and promotions that meet local characteristics have also been planned to enhance the street gathering and trajectory by introducing and injecting cultural elements.

Wisdom construction quality improvement

In order to create a service type, smart, managed neighborhood, five stores continue to improve the intelligent management and supporting facilities of the neighborhood.

The five stores will continue to adhere to the "high starting point planning, high standard transformation, high level operation", with cultural as medium, commercially a bridge, and focus on improving the quality of the street, strive to achieve commercial prosperity, tourist destination, cultural display, brand First, the "five land" goals of urban leisure land, to create an immersive, experienced leisure block, and achieve further upgrading of consumer experiences.

Yang Baixin / photo