Give your mouth?Shandong female teacher campus child abuse pay attention, netizen: madness

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Give your mouth?Shandong female teacher campus child abuse pay attention, netizen: madness

2021-12-05 12:02:19 21 ℃

It is said that enlightenment is the most critical stage of each child, although parents have infused a variety of knowledge and behaviors, but there is always imperfect place, so children should be more suitable for them after growing to a certain stage. Environmental growth. Here they can not only exercise the most basic interpersonal skills, but also gradually get rid of their dependence on their parents.

Although kindergarten is the happiest time period, it is also the most learning ability, the fastest knowledge is the fastest. In kindergarten children can also develop competition and cooperation, so kindergartens is very important for each child, they must experience the process of their life.

Although it is said that the child's kindergarten can finally make a breath, there is no child to make a disaster scene at home, and it is a kind of relief for most parents. But when the child left the parents, the parents felt difficult to help, fear that the child had some unpleasant things in the kindergarten, after all, the child is too small, many things will not be handled.

The child's heart on the child's kindergarten has long followed, the parents' so-called relief estimation is the body is uns, but the heart is more in the heart. Since the kindergarten is the palm Bao Bao, the school will also pay special attention to avoid the child's harm, but sometimes the hurt may not be unexpected, but someone is deliberate.

No matter what kind of thing, whether it is human or unintentional, many things will inevitably give children a young mind. After all, the child's heart is very fragile, especially children who grow in parents, and the children who have experienced can't work. Therefore, the kindergarten teachers need a careful and patience, and take care of each student's emotions.

How do you deal with your child in kindergarten by teacher? Is it an inexplicable thing, or the legal means effectively solve the problem? Some parents may think that people are teachers, their children can't stay in kindergarten, and the child is not substantial damage, therefore, it is easy to let go.

Sometimes children are invisible when they are abused. After all, some psychological trauma will affect their lifelong, rather than simply do not touch the problem. If you bring shadows to your child's childhood, their next remaining students will fall into the quagmire.

Online flowing, a video of many users is hot, video from a kindergarten teacher from Shandong Ji Ningbei Lake District is holding a tape to seal a boy's mouth, although video comes from a monitoring picture is not very clear, but it is already enough to see The teacher's behavior has caused harm to the boy.

In the monitoring, due to the launch of the boy in the lunch break, the teacher is quietly sleeping, so the teacher will pick up the boy, and directly use the tape to hold the mouth. In this process, the teacher's behavior is nothing to stop, and the child is obvious because of fear, but the teacher is doing nothing to shoot.

In fact, such a thing has been more annual in recent years. From the previous red-yellow blue kindergarten teacher abuse, the later Ctrip pro will tell us that the dangerous moment is accompanied by children. Perhaps some people think that the rectification of the relevant departments has now improved, but will you think so when you see these news?

On October 31 this year, CCTV reported that Sichuan Early Education Center was bundled. On November 18 this year, Henan has children who were abused by teachers, and even a few female teachers in the past few days, the speech was all infected, and the students were all contagious. Among them, all parts are telling us that people are sometimes unleasing, and the teacher is not the face is so amiable.

When the parents found that the child was actually abused by the teacher in the kindergarten, they naturally couldn't stand, and they were eager to tears. At that time they guarded their children in my heart, but they were in the hands of the tablets. Even if the child is wrong but should not be handled in this way, this result is not that the parents want to see, and the parents who see the video are very disgusted.

The teacher's behavior is from morality that it is not worthy of the teacher. From the legal disclosure of the "Article 8 of the People's Republic of China", the teacher's behavior needs to bear legal responsibility. Even if the teacher's behavior is not a legal binding teacher, it should be responsible for his behavior. After all, the parents send their children to school is an absolute trust in the school.

my country's current kindergartens need expensive tuition fees, parents are sent to the school to school, I hope that children can get the best care here, and you can learn more. The teacher was finally reported, and the local public security organs detained it, and the school also dismissed and fined.


Kindergarten children are poor, greedy, is something that often happens, but as teachers should not only be patient guidance, should also learn to care for children from the heart. Although intimidation is the most direct effective approach, it is also the most direct injury to the child. Parents hope that children can learn knowledge and skills in schools, rather than being bullied.