Another Huanghe River Basin Ecological Environment Judicial Protection Base Unveiled Henan Using the Rule of Law Power Guardion Yellow River Ecology

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Another Huanghe River Basin Ecological Environment Judicial Protection Base Unveiled Henan Using the Rule of Law Power Guardion Yellow River Ecology

2021-12-05 12:02:01 29 ℃

Dahe Net News (Reporter Song Xiangle) December 4, 2021 was the eighth National Constitutional Day, on the same day, the Yellow River Basin Ecological Environment Justice Protection Base was unveiled in the Cultural Square, the rule of law of Fuyang County.

Come on the mouse to file, the remote account rate is 93.9%

The Zheng Tie Court established a judicial protection base - June 3, 2021, Zheng Tie Court in Jiaozuo City, Wuyi County, Jiaozuo City, New China's first large-scale oluys, autofuting project - People's Victory Canqui Shou Yellow River Basin Ecological Environment Judicial Protection The base is officially unveiled.

The completion of the base will become the public to obtain environmental protection knowledge, carry out environmental publicity, organize environmental protection activities, to participate in the relevant units and experts involved in the governance and protection of the Huang River, strengthen cooperation, to provide a favorable platform, involving the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of various types of information, experience and results will be shared here.

At the unveiling ceremony of the day, Song Fang An, the Dean of Zhengzhou Railway Intermediate People's Hospital, said that as of now, Zhengzhou Railway 2 Court received 1305 cases of environmental resources in the Yellow River Basin.

"We carry out cross-domain files, online trials, online mediation, tour trials, etc., let the masses can complete the full process of litigation in their own port." Song furnace said, since the centralized jurisdiction, the two-level hospital online opening 63 case, tour Trial 189 cases, remote registration rate of 93.9%.

Zheng Tie's two-level courts also severely crack down on criminal acts that dared to touch the red line of the ecological environment. Up to 366 cases of criminal cases, nearly 500 people were accepted. At the same time, according to law support and supervising the administrative organs to perform their duties, I have held 23 symposiums with the administrative law enforcement agency, and 37 judicial recommendations were issued.

7 Tribunals for Justice to protect the Yellow River Ecology Good Safety Lock

Dahe Net reporter learned that the Zhengzhou Railway 2 Court has officially concentrated on the 10-country county county area in the Henan section of the Yellow River Basin, 20 years. Up to now, seven tour Trial Courts have been established along the Yellow River Basin.

Due to more than 700 kilometers in the Yellow River Basin in the province, there are many issues that should be exposed to the distance and the cost of litigation. In the Yellow River Basin, a number of tour trial courts can facilitate the people's litigation, facilitate investigation and research, and understand the facts of the case, and it is also conducive to public participation in the trial to listen to the trial, and widely carry out public treatment. As of April 25 this year, the Zhengzhou Railway Two-Level Court received 527 cases of environmental resource litigation cases in the Yellow River Basin.

Why do you want to build a Huanghe Basin Tour Tribunal?

Li Hill, executive vice president of Zhengzhou Railway Intermediate Court, told the Dahe Net reporter, establishing a Huanghe River Basin Tour Trial Tribunal, one is conducive to saving suites, facilitating the people's lawsuit. The Huanghe River Basin in the province has more than 700 kilometers, and some cases are far from the court, and the parties are inconvenient. In the case where there is no fixed trial point, the trial work lacks facilities, the tour trial has certain arbitrarily, affecting the development of trial work. Establishing a Tour Trial Court, let the parties run less legs, fully highlight the principle of judicial purposes.

Second, it is conducive to in-depth investigation and understanding the facts of cases. Carry out the tour trial work, build the tour tribut on the edge of the Yellow River, and built on the case, the case where the case is closest, is conducive to the facts of the case.

Third, it is conducive to the public to participate in the public, and enhance the trial propaganda. In the case of the incident, it is convenient to organize the local people to participate in the next listening, expand the scope of warning education, and promote the enhancement of the people to enhance the rule of law and defend the Huang River awareness.

"Zheng Tie's two-level court will continue to explore the 'base + tour trial' mode, play the main melody of the Huanghe two on the Yellow River, give full play to the function of the Ecological Environment and Environmental Protection Base of the Yellow River Basin, further play the judicial energy action, and increase the judicial publicity , Fully extend the trial service function, strengthen communication between communication between related units, form the synergy of environmental resources protection, and solidly promote the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin with practical actions. "Zhengzhou Railway Intermediate Court said. Song furnace.