Notice on the publication of violations of exemption related policies

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Notice on the publication of violations of exemption related policies

2022-01-13 18:07:46 28 ℃

In order to further increase the management of aggregated activities, strict control of large-scale personnel aggregation activities, resolutely control the temple fairs, large-scale cultural performances, exhibition promotions, and strict control of meetings, gatherings, etc. Size, try to organize online conferences or video conferencing, which must be held, the principle is not more than 50 people, and more than 50 people should formulate prevention and control plan, implement various prevention and control measures, and report the local epidemic prevention and control leadership group filed; "Happy events, funeral, banquet do not do", and ensure that the size of the activity needs to be held, hold more than 5 tables or more banquets, need to report to the local community and village (residential) committee. Ensure that all prevention and control measures are rooted, so that the masses have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

According to the "Notice of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Group" of the Gansu Provincial Epidemic Convention and Control Group "Notice on Settings Violation of Epidemic Prevention and Control Related Policies" Report Telephone " The actions are supervised, and the phone will be announced.

Report phone

Jiuquan City 0937-2853831

Suzhou District 0937-2656080

Jinta County 0937-4460922

Yumen 0937-3336293

Guasang County 0937-5521457

Dunhuang City 0937-8822135

Sunbei County