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From "Tips" to "Strongest Beverage"

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Figure 1: Wu Xiang uploads the public welfare litigation clues to the small program

Figure 2: Wang Zhenhua (right one) on the public welfare litigation case

Figure 3: Wu Yudai (middle) to the public welfare litigation prosecutor

Jiangsu Province, Xianghong County, Xiangxian County, the observer, observer, clearing the ancient tree surrounding the protected

● In order to fully promote public welfare lawsuit, in February 2021, the Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate and the Group Committee jointly formulated the "Opinions on Strengthening Volunteer Service and Procuratorial Lawsuits", strengthening the promotion and guidance, clues transfer, professional assistance, etc. Cooperate.

● The Supreme People's Procuratorate decided to carry out the pilot work of "Yi Xin as the public" procuratorate cloud platform from Zhejiang and Hubei procuratorate since July 2021, which is designed to absorb environmental resources, food and drugs, safety production, specific group rights and interests. People who participate in public welfare protection.

● Public welfare lawsuit observers are mostly representatives of the representatives of Volunteers, CPPCC members, executive personnel, representatives of all industry representatives and enthusiastic public welfare. Their joins, let the public interest litigation prosecutor not only have "thousands of miles" "Shunfeng", but also have a stronger foreign brain, and there is more confident that the case is more confident.

Ten years ago, on the top of Baishaxi, the top of the Dongshan, the end of the Dongshan Tower that has been standing more than 400 years, Wu Xiang is both painful and weak. Ten years later, Wu Xiang saw the recruitment order of the "Public Welfare Litigation Observer" issued by the Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and did not hesitate to report the name. This time, he knew that the issue of challenge loss like Cave Mountain Tower will be more concerned, earlier.

3,360 Jiangsu, 1161 people in Chongqing, 995 inner Mongolia, 969 in Zhejiang, 972 Hubei ... Like Wu Xiang's public welfare lawsuit (some places called "public welfare observers" or "public welfare volunteers", collectively referred to as "public interest lawsuit observer" ") Has spread all over the country, county and townships. Some of them are grassroots workers, some are media spokespersons, some are township ... but now they have a common identity: the guardian of the public interest. They are like a horizontal interlaced tip nerve, transmitting those hidden and transmitted to the prosecutor.

Explore high-level promotion from the grassroots level

In recent years, with the in-depth development of public welfare litigation, high-quality clues have been discovered, and the professional problem is difficult, and the power is difficult to make a case is also more prominent. To solve these problems, local procuratorates actively explore the inclusion of volunteers into public welfare litigation procuratorates. Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate and the Communist Youth League Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee jointly formulated the "Opinions on Strengthening Volunteer Service and Procuratorial Litigation", "Public Welfare Litigation Volunteer System Pilot Project", etc., fully mobilize young volunteers to participate in public welfare litigation and prosecution And social public interests. The Jiangsu Suhong City Procuratorate first created the "Regional Public Welfare Litigation" system, will be familiar with the grassroots situation, participate in grassroots governance and townships in public affairs and high in public affairs. 13 public welfare litigation volunteer service teams in Baoji City Procuratorate in Shaanxi Province, 1500 volunteers, townships, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages, villages and villages, and villages in three provinces, three provinces and inconvenient transportation ...

On the basis of summarizing each place, the Supreme People's Procuratorate decided to carry out the pilot work of "Yi Xin as the public" procuratorate cloud platform from Zhejiang and Hubei procuratorate since July 2021, which is designed to enhance the effectiveness of public welfare litigation observer systems. Absorbing the enthusiastic public welfare undertakings in the fields of environmental resources, food and drugs, safety production, and specific group rights and interests, and participate in public welfare protection work, providing effective technological support for the realization of public welfare litigation observer and prosecutors. "Public Welfare Litigation Procuratorate Adheres to the people-centered, for the people, serving the people, but also relying on the people. The highest inspection has been paying attention to and encourages the exploration in this area, the launch of the platform is from the top and bottom the public welfare lawsuit Mode. "The highest inspection, the eighth procuratorate of the prosecutor Hu Tingting said that with the help of" Yi Yong as the public "to prosecut the cloud platform, the volunteers can upload the clues, the prosecutor can conduct professional consultants to volunteers with professional background, relevant participation assistance Volunteers to handle the case can also evaluate the case prosecutor to evaluate and play a monitoring role.

Discover clues, foolest "情报"

At present, the observer of public welfare lawsuits is mostly representatives of people, the CPPCC members, the administrative organs, representatives of all industry representatives and enthusiastic public welfare. They are "furnish" that the procuratorate is set in the various corners, and can maximize and contact public welfare information.

"There are tens of thousands of residents in the jurisdiction, there are 10,000 pairs 'eyes' in discover 'problem'." As a grassroots personnel in Zhongji Community, Baiyu Town, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is "problem" for the most, and the daily work has become an important way to find public interest litigation clues. In the past, some problems that could not be solved by the grassroots, such as the absence of the corrosion corrosion damage, and he would expect the government, the environmental protection department. Today, the identity of "Public Welfare Litigation" gives him another path to the problem. "The problem of the people reflected can be solved with multiple strengths and platforms," ​​I also have a sense of accomplishment. "

In April 2021, Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate and the Group Committee, the provincial party committee, confirmed Jinhua City, Yucheng District, for public welfare litigation, volunteer observer system provincial pilot units, and Yucheng District Procuratorate and District Group Committee have also strengthened collaboration. Among the "Beautiful Hometown, Millennium" series of research activities organized by a Communist Youth League, Wu Xiang, a trail of the old temples in Baisha Town. He immediately sent the video and photos to the Public Welfare Litigation Department of the Yucheng District Procuratorate through the WeChat applet. According to the clues provided by Wu Xiang, the prosecutor combed out the list of questions and launched the investigation to investigate, and issued a public welfare lawsuit against the Wen Saffrans and the Town Government, urged to eliminate the safety hazards of cultural relics as soon as possible. Three months later, the college community commissioned on-site assessment and acceptance and confirmed the hidden dangers. In August 202, the case was selected in the Zhejiang Provincial Social Public Participation in the typical case of public welfare litigation procuratorate, and Wu Xiang person was rated as an excellent volunteer observer. First-line work, legal professional ... As a public welfare lawsuit, Wu Xiang has a natural advantage. However, a person's power is always limited, how to organize and launch more people pay attention to public welfare protection? In this regard, the observer observer in Shizhu County, Chongqing is the experience of Qiu Rong, who wants to launch friends and family around.

"I saw my friend, telling them that there is a link to give me." To Qiu Rong is the deputy director of the Shi Zhu County Vehicle Management Office, she speaks refreshing, enthusiastic public welfare, serving as a public interest in February 2021 Since the observers, not only actively learn, but also engage in relatives and friends to participate in the protection of public welfare.

The information provided by the public welfare litigation observer is not necessarily a public welfare litigation clue that meets the requirements. What is the most urgent? What questions need to be solved by the judicial pathway? This requires the procuratorial organ to train public welfare litigation observer in advance. "Before, they provided the clues." Xu Wenyu, the five director of the stone county procuratorate procuratorate, "Later, we conducted the training of 'online + line", explained which belongings to public welfare lawsuits, tell Public welfare lawsuit observers to find similar cases, and review the clusters of the Group's feedback on the WeChat 'public welfare lawsuit observers. This kind of training is very good, and the clues are much more. "

"Public interest points are wide, if not part, no matter whether it is light, all come to find procuratorates, we must also have a strong damage to the observers to focus on key areas such as environmental pollution, food safety, etc. Clues. In 'Yixin is the public' inspection cloud platform, there is a micro-class, micro-frequency column, and play typical cases, and the knowledge answering process. "Hu Tingting said," I will find clues according to those typical cases. " Even if it does not meet the scope of the case twice, the third time is never left. "

Assist in handling the case, a "technician"

"If Wu Yu has led us to us, we can't find this." The role of the public welfare lawsuit observer, the five director of Chongqing Jiangjin District Procuratorate procuratorate Zhou Wei first thought "Belt". In some townships, the village's horns, artificiality is far more than intelligent positioning, and it is saved and saves.

At the end of July 2020, Jiangjin District Procuratorate received a telephone number of Wu Yu, who was observed by public welfare lawsuit, said that there is a pig farm in Li City, Jiangjin District, has a pig farm to river water and feces. The prosecutor immediately went to the Village of Li City to conduct investigation and evidence, but due to the large bridge village in the farmhouse, the location of the mountain, the location of the rural road is narrow, and the prosecutor cannot perform accurate search positioning on the mobile map. The prosecutor asked the villagers of Bridge Village, but the villagers were reluctant to provide a specific location in breeding fields.

"We haven't found it for 1 hour. If there is no one with a road, the average person is hard to find." Zhou Wei's reporter said, "We thought Wu Yu opened, he is the special treatment of the Village Committee of Li City, Town, China The local situation is more familiar. After contact him, he is also very happy. Under his leadership, we cross a number of country roads, and finally found a farm. We found that the farm is behind the farm, next to it. The first-class river of the Yangtze River Huangdun River. "

Finally found the case, but the local villagers did not want to cooperate with the investigation, Wu Yu opened actively to help the ideological work, so that the villagers more fully understand the procuratorial function of public welfare litigation. In the end, the surrounding masses put the knowledge of the farm sewage to the prosecutor, so that the investigation and evidence collection were smooth.

Public welfare lawsuit observers can play only the "live map" advantage, and the role of lubricants and fusion agents between the prosecutors and the masses. However, the public welfare lawsuit observe the help of adding the help, far more than this.

Wang Zhenhua is both a public welfare lawsuit, and a staff member of the Hushu Ecological Environment Secretary for Xinglu Ecological Environmental Protection Institute. In April 2021, Zhejiang Governor's Xingxian Procuratorate and the Jiangsu Yixing City Procuratorate will signed the "Opinions on Establishing Ecological Environment Protection Collaborative Mechanism", clearly establishing a cross-regional collaboration mechanism of ecological environmental charity litigation in the Huan Taihu Basin. "When the investigation of the ecological environment along the Taihu Lake, I went with the staff of the Changxing County Procuratorate." After arriving at the scene, Wang Zhenhua and the prosecutor have measured a garbage along the coast of Taihu Lake. With 16 years of environmental protection work experience, Wang Zhenhua judges that this is a solid waste pollution case. Wang Zhenhua Timely Contacts Ecological Environment Director Xing Branch Monitoring Station, and guides them to sample according to technical specifications, and then send samples to test with the prosecutor. "Our unit has issued inspection results in 48 hours: the COD and total phosphorus content in the water are significantly exceeded. I immediately put forward the case to the Yixing City Procuratorate." Sports Exploration, Fast Testing, clues intervertexing, and finally the premiere of the Changxian County Procuratorate has 3 procuratorates. 2 of Yixing City Procuratorate has 2 procuratorates, and the contaminated ring Taihu Basin has an effective governance. "We set up a public welfare lawsuit observer to provide clues, but later in practice, the public welfare lawsuit observer played the most role is expertise." Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate's eight-procurator department comprehensive handling case report leader Najun said, " With the expansion of public welfare litigation, there are more and more fields involved, and some professional knowledge is not very clear. People who need professional knowledge can help, combine professional knowledge and handling. The most important advantage of this system. "

In Hu Tingting, it is very important to use the observer in the case. In this way, in the interaction between observers and prosecutors, the platform will give priority to the relevant field consultants to the observers with corresponding knowledge. For example, when the observer is registered, if the professional or industry fills in the environment, the platform will Push the case in the environmental area to him. "

How to make more professionals become a public welfare lawsuit? All localities are combined with practical and active exploration, Zhejiang, Hubei and other land procuratorates actively invite people with professional knowledge in the democratic parties to join the observers. In order to enhance the enthusiasm and honor sense of the observers, all localities also explored various honors. Taking Zhejiang as an example, Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate and the Ministry Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau selected 10 public welfare litigation observer system outstanding pilot regions and 20 outstanding public welfare lawsuit observes to encourage the form of commendation. Zhejiang has established different incentive systems. If the relevant work of the public interest litigation observers is included in the volunteer service, the honorary certificate is issued to the public welfare lawsuit.

Regular return visit, when "supervisor"

One afternoon in winter, Jiangsu Province, Xiangli County, Jiangsu Province, the observer of the public welfare lawsuit, and turned to an old tree that he was responsible. It was still in love with the identification card of the ancient trees. This is not his first time to return to ancient trees.

How is the effect of rectification of public welfare litigation cases, and it is critical to follow up. At the beginning of April 2021, the old Zhang told the Sihong County Procuratorate, and he found the clues that the ancient trees were not in place. The prosecutor then went to the scene to verify the clues and found the two ancient trees that were reflected in the old, and an ancient mulberry tree was portrayed and there were buildings around them. The cement floor was sealed, and a tree trunk of an ancient pear tree was Break. On April 12, the Sihong County Procuratorate issued a pre-prosecution of the administrative public welfare lawsuit to the County Forestry Bureau, and urged to implement the august of the ancient trees. On June 1, the County Forestry Bureau made a written reply to refer to the rectification. The rectification has been completed, but the old task has not ended. "On the 15th and 25th, on the 15th and 25th, the public welfare lawsuit observers must not only discover new problems, but also regularly return to the old problems to prevent rebound." Director of the Xianxian Association of Xianghong County Wu said to the reporter.

Wu Xiang is a lot of light cars to the Lord Temple.

"Public welfare protection needs to be persistent, long-term success, public welfare litigation case has always focused on normalization 'back to see', regularly conducting some cases to regularly conduct on-site visit, confirming source governance, long-lasting governance, no longer rebounded back." Hu Tingting Said: "National Procuratorate annually, more than 150,000 public welfare lawsuits, all by the prosecutor's back to look back 'is difficult to achieve, and now the public welfare lawsuit can assist the' back to see ', which can effectively reduce the workload of the prosecutor, and Some of them is the surrounding residents around the case, and they have the enthusiasm of the public welfare around them, and they can often look back. "

In June 2021, Wang Zhenhua and 10 public welfare litigation observes conducted a list of bottled gas safety hidden dangers for Changxing County Procuratorate conducted on-site supervision. After the rectification of many catering stores involved in the case, after the understanding of the case, Wang Zhenhua carefully filled out the "Public Welfare Litigation Follow-in Supervision]. "I follow the safety standards explained by the prosecutor, such as how the gas bottle is placed, how much is the safe distance, do it, play '√', didn't do me, play '×'." In the comment, Wang Zhenhua responded The county bottled gas market conducts research, promptly introduced the provisions of gas use requirements. The Changxing County Procuratorate fully took over his suggestion and promoted the county to carry out a special rectification of bottled gas. Next, "Yixin is the public" procuratorial cloud platform second batch area will cover 11 provinces of "Yangtze River Economic Zone". "Guarding the public interest is the mission of the prosecutor, the no loans, the joining of the observers, and the joining of the public welfare lawsuit, let us not only have the 'Miles' 'Shunfeng', but also have a stronger foreignent, and more confident Attentive. "Hu Tingting is looking forward to each case, every case of prosecutor and public welfare lawsuit, is a popularization of a public welfare protection concept.