[Trade Union Welfare] "Mirror" Color New Year, Trade Union Member Mirror Welfare!

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[Trade Union Welfare] "Mirror" Color New Year, Trade Union Member Mirror Welfare!

2022-01-14 00:02:14 12 ℃

Happy New Year's Eve

2022 New Year is approaching

Winter vacation open

Trim friends who want to change glasses

The resident will prepare a welfare for you.

New Year's new weather

Come to change the ado-glasses

Clear new year ~

01 activity content

From now until March 31, 2022 (300 first-served first-served), the members of the Union will hold the membership card, you can go to Chen Dr. Glasses [City Stadium Store] to receive a close mirror (including frame, The lens, mirror box, mirror cloth), collect the production fee, check one hundred yuan.

02 package content details

Mirror brands:

1 Tang card (metal vintage frame, plastic net red frame)

2 Saros home (men's metal half box)

3 Hongxingrk, Isaw (Tr frame, TR silica gel frame)

4 memory metal (middle-aged men and women metal frame)

Lens brand

Yabo optical walker series lens

There is also a special product: sports glasses, driver glasses, anti-fog glasses, thermal gaze.

03 warm reminder

1. Tear 800 degrees, in 200 degrees

2. The lens is a non-spherical surface, anti-blue lens

3. Four kinds of styles can be selected

4. No need to make an appointment, 9: 00-20: 30 daily

In front of the epidemic, there is a big love: doctors, nurses, police me, for the first time to go to the store for free.

04 activity location

Address: Dr. Chen, Northern Gate, Municipal Stadium, Mei Dynasty (100 meters west of the intersection of Wenyuan Road and College Road)

05 Contact


Please participate in the activities of workers in strict accordance with the requirements friend, with staff measuring body temperature, sweep the two yards, standardized wear a mask, one meter line and other control measures.

Workers powder children who like to trade union activities you like to come to cast a vote!

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