High-standard activities of the political and legal system, Guoan women's police

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High-standard activities of the political and legal system, Guoan women's police

2022-01-14 00:03:40 19 ℃

On November 26, the new era of political and legal English model advanced deeds will be held in Beijing.

The report will tell Cui Daozhi, Zhou Chunmei, Shi Jixi, Pan Dongsheng, Chen Yuru, Zhang Wenbo's 6-local political and English model.

The spirit of promoting the English model is one of the important tasks of the national political and legal team education.

The government knows (WeChat ID: UPOLITICS) Notice that on November 8, the Central Political and Legal Committee issued a commentary of a regular clock government. The article pointed out:

The political and legal team is the most sacrificed in the peaceful age, and the largest team is a group of heroes.

It is necessary to strengthen the advanced version of the political and legal front, vigorously promote the spirit of the political and legal English model, set off the advanced model of learning, advocating the advanced typical, striving for advanced typical boom, further establishing a high-top image of the start of the border police in the whole society.

Political and legal team education rectification important task

According to the deployment, the national political and legal team education rectification process repeatedly emphasizes the "four tasks":

Building a political loyalty, clearing the horses, rectifying a stubborn disease, promoting the spirit of English.

Among them, the spirit of promoting the English model is to let the organs learn an example, which is more than the benchmark.

From late from late October to November, the Central Political and Legal Committee has held five political and legal English-model advanced deeds in Xuzhou City, Sichuan Province, Harbin City, Sichuan Province, Sanmenxia City, Heilongjiang Province, Xi'an City, Henan Province. Activity.

On November 8 this year, the eighth director of the National Political and Legal Team Education and Correction, the meeting studied the advanced typical tree propaganda work of political and legal front. It will be mentioned that the education rectification will not relax and run through the whole process, it is necessary to concentrate on the advanced typical series of activities to promote the political and legal front.

According to the requirements, the political and legal organs at all levels must put the advanced typical typical typical typical treasures of the government as a fundamental, long-term, strategic work of the political and legal organs of the new era, and as an important task of current education rectification.

On November 22nd, the Office of the National Political and Legal Team Education Rectification Leading Group issued a notice and decided to organize the "Double Hundred New Times Political and Fa" to choose the tree publicity. According to the "Notice", the provincial education and rectification, the central government will recommend 200 candidates according to the deeds, after the strict procedures are verified, and finally determine the "Double Hundred Era".

The notification is also particularly pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the first line of the base layer. In the political and legal propaganda method of the political and legal English model, the new era political and legacy model trace report will be specifically deployed.


In the above background, the new era political and legacy model has a high specifications.

According to Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, Prosecutive Daily, Meeting Members and attending the report will include:

Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Guo Shengyu, Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee

State Councilors, Minister of Public Security, Zhao Kezhi, Deputy Secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission

Supreme People's Court Party Secretary, Dean Zhou Qiang

Supreme People's Procuratorate Party Secretary, Zhang Jun

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, member of the National Supervision Committee

Deputy Minister of the Central Organization, Fu Xingguo, Director of the National Civil Service Bureau

Chen Yixin, Secretary General of the Central Political and Legal Committee

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, Wang Xiaoyang, executive vice president

Secretary of the Party Committee and Minister of the Ministry of National Security

Secretary of the Party Group, Minister of Justice, Tang Yunjun

Among them, Zhou Qiang, Zhang Jun, Chen Yixin, Wang Xiaoyang, Chen Wenqing and Tang Yunjun are members of the Central Political and Legal Committee.

In the 6-person law-based English mode, the two have sacrificed.

Pan Dongsheng, the original director of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, Fujian Province. He went to 37 years, and he has led Fuzhou Public Security to 35, and 169 evil for criminal groups. In September this year, sudden illness in the security of the security work, was invalidated by full rescue, unfortunately because of the sacrivation, only 57 years old.

Zhou Chunmei, Hunan Provincial Senior People's Court tried to supervise the first court vice president. In January this year, he was killed by the fairness of justice, and it was only 45 years old.

The remaining 4 people are:

Cui Daozhi, "July One Medal" won, the original examination of the Criminal Technology Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department. He has 66 years of arrogance, and it has been inspected more than 7,000 traces of traces, and participated in more than 1200 major cases of difficult traces and test identification, no error.

Shi Xinyi, the seventh prosecutor department of the seventh procuratorate of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. In the 70th anniversary celebration in New China, the only representative of the prosecution system was the 70th anniversary of the National Day "Democratic Rule of Law".

Zhang Wenbo, Huanggun Prison District, Huanggun Prison Administration, Anhui Province. More than 2,200 criminals have been transformed, 5 criminals have taken the initiative to report 6 valuable black-related rosers, 2 guilty kiliers, and returning the society to give up extreme ideas, avoiding tragedy.

Chen Yuru, the deputy detachment of the Scouting Tenders of the National Security Bureau of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Guoan police

CCTV News is noted that the CCTV News is reported on the relevant news. There are 5 members of the 6-bit English model report to the front shot. The only "side view" is the Guoan police Chen Yuru.

When college graduates were just enrolled, Chen Haoru participated in the reconnaissance of one subject in a certain unit. This person has worked for many years in the confidential position, and also serves as leadership positions to master a large number of national secrets. Although he interacts with foreign people, it is always fixed to exact evidence. Because of the operation and transfer, Wang also went to the foreign agency to serve, and the clue survey was forced to interrupt. After 10 years, Wang has ended his country. Chen Yu Ru has re-cleared the investigation and control information, and mastered the information he never doing housework. When Wang is rare, I intuken, I intuken, I intuken Chen Yuru, maybe there may be a problem. That is, in this bag of garbage, Chen Yuru found a note, let the clue water fall.

One night, Wang wants to meet the overseas staff and entered the apparatus of the agreement in advance. At this time, there has been no cabling conditions. Chen Yuru quickly loaded the waiter to enter the box, successfully fixed evidence, and finally arrest Wang to arrest the case. In 2015, Chen Yuru was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the support of the family, she finished the chemotherapy and returned to the job position in the first time.

In 2019, Chen Yuru participated in the National Day military warfare ceremony as the specialty of the police, she didn't wear a police uniform, and she could not wear the medal. There was no name on the seat map.

On January 10 this year, when the first "Chinese People's Police Festival", Chen Yuru received a media interview, and these deeds were first publicly reported. Because all the year round fight in the anti-spy struggle, she has been "stealth" from the police near 20 years, and there is only a back.

In July, "Let the Central Committee of the Party are relieved, let the people satisfied - the new era of the central and national government's party building achievement tour" opened in the National Museum. Among them, "Let the Party Central Committee to satisfy the people" scenario is a climbing wall consisting of 209 advanced typical portraits that have won the national-level honor. The back of Chen Yuru is located in the middle of the cluster wall.