2.0% price reduction!Shanghai people will realize a "freedom", the New Year gift is also decent

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2.0% price reduction!Shanghai people will realize a "freedom", the New Year gift is also decent

2022-01-15 00:03:27 20 ℃

Spreading "selling clearance"

Look at "News Square" at night

Interacting can also be people!


Previous second "wind and electricity"

After a second "people horses"

Cycling is not riding, the safety is most important! However, some people have sooted "speed and passion".

Ms. Huang won the news to Xiaofeng, the day before yesterday, she encountered a male and one female impetuous motorcycle near Hui Nong Road, and drove. Ms. Huang's driving recorder took this motorcycle's "chasing the wind moving".

However, when Ms. Huang opened to the front of the inquiry, I saw that the motorcycle had fallen "people horses" and knocked down a car that came. It is reported that due to the school to school, the accident has caused congestion.

Please pay attention to the "News Square" broadcast tonight.

Understand more accident details and follow-up

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New Year's commemorative coin redeem

The public queues do not release

From today until January 20, the Year of the Tiger will be redeemed! The previous reservations can go to the designated outlet to handle commemorative coin exchange.

The Year of the Tiger is a two-color copper alloy, 10 yuan per denomination, and 20 per side.

In the morning, many citizens waited early at the door, wearing a mask queue. At the time of business hours, under the guidance of the staff, the citizens will warm up, check the code, and order the commemorative coins.

Bank reminds that the exchange of commemorative coins need to bring their own second-generation resident ID card, if it is a proxy, you can lead to five people, but remember the original second-generation resident ID card for these five people.

Does the friends have an appointment to the Year of the Tiger?

Take you to exchange the scene to feel the atmosphere

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A large number of cars decline

Recently, it is expected to realize the freedom of cars

The car is known as many people as "red gemstones in fruit" because it is good to be sought after by Shanghai.

With the recent recent shipping of the Chilean cars, the price of Shencheng's car cencale has also declined, and the public is expected to realize the freedom of cars.

According to reports, the car cents from Chile will be divided into different grades of JJ, JJJ grades according to the fruit diameter and color, where the diameter of JJJ-grade JJ JJ, JJ JJ Chile, is a popular variety.

According to reports, with the large number of car cents to Hong Kong, JJJ car and JJ car prices fell by about 50% from the last month, before the price of the citizens, it will be very fast.

Are you love to eat a car cuve?

How much price can you accept?

More car cherry price information I know early

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Editor: Wang Yuzhen, Yu Zhip (intern)

Reporter: Zhu Jie, Li Jianhua, Zhou Dandan, Xu Zhe

Video: Wang Chao, Wu Hanbin, Dai Yufeng