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Weinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital | Isolation Hotel Support Work Documentary

2022-01-15 06:03:33 15 ℃

This special winter, the new crown pneumonia epidemic once again touched everyone's heart, the whole people's "epidemic" The Second Pensioner allowed morning to stand up, bravely retrograde, and travel to the cutting edge of the most close-edge hotel in the virus.

Isolation point held the first meeting

In the early morning of January 7, 2022, the Municipal Women and Microstate Support Medical Team entered the Hanting Youjia High-speed Railway New District, which means that there is no longer day and night, no longer a day of three meals.

The daily work of the medical team is the nucleic acid sampling of all staff and isolation people, health management (such as: body temperature monitoring, health); staff professional training, such as: wearing off protective clothing, hand health, medical waste disposal, environment Disinfection, object watch wipe, etc., formulate various registration forms and workflows, in the case of insufficient logistics staff, participate in handling medical materials and daily necessities ... Each program, every level must strictly manage, active as, always master Everyone's physical state, timely meet the reasonable appeal of the isolation is also the center of gravity they work.

They are the backbone of the unit, but also the example of young people. Under the epidemic, resolutely decided to stay at home, pressing every day, and crushing the figures, perseverance smiling, selfless dedication, showing the courage and responsibility of Weinan maternal and teeth. Over time, the medical team will work in a smooth and orderly work of the Isolated Hotel, and the strict management and warm service coexistence, add more humanistic care to the isolation personnel. Use selfless love to buckle the strict one ring of the epidemic prevention and control, and build a solid epidemic "firewall".