The bee female and the snake group "Tong live", a total of 15 years, why is it good?

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The bee female and the snake group "Tong live", a total of 15 years, why is it good?

2022-01-15 06:02:57 18 ℃

Heilongjiang has a woman dare to "cohabitation" in the snake group. The verbal interviewer came to Liu Yuping's accommodation. I saw that I saw the hair of the flower snake, and the light is 20, and that little is more than the number. According to Liu Yuping, she has lived with these snakes. 15 years.

Heilongjiang Eighth Fourth Farm Residents Liu Yuping

Liu Yuping's Holongjiang Agricultural Block Eighth Fourth Farm, that is, it is located in the Sanjiang Plain, and the western region is a low-mountain hilly area, and the eastern is incentive plains, soil fertile, natural resources are rich.

Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Eight Fourth Farm

The total area has a total area of ​​1127 square kilometers, including 660,000 mu of cultivated land, with a water area of ​​2.75,000 mu.

In such a good natural environment, there are a large number of wild animals, so humans often come into intimate contact.

But why so many big flower snakes don't ask, don't live with Liu Yuping to live in a roof, I have been working together for more than ten years?

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

This child said that the mother said, and everything has to start from 2006.

Because Liu Yuping moved to the hill, Liu Yuping moved to the hill, and there were many grass in the tree, and there were few people to come here.

The owner of this small house is Liu Yuping with the snake "cohabitation" 15 years.

In addition to Liu Yuping's neighbors, there is only a small animal on the mountain. What day, the sky is running, of course, there is still a snake. However, Liu Yuping did not blame, after all, these small animals generally did not dare to "go to do things", so I have never worried.

Liu Yuping and her neighbors

But in 2006, she suddenly found a home in the home, a spraenon, "live", "live", do not say hello.

Liu Yuping

Liu Yuping saw the big flower snake, when she was also afraid, I would like to use the wooden stick to put the big flower snake to "receptive". However, Liu Yuping will not go to hand, the heart is soft, you have to take the big flower snake ". This matter is also a matter.

But Liu Yuping's kindness has brought her trouble.

Liu Yuping

In Liu Yuping, I went to the big flower snake "Please" after a few days later, this big flower snake came back.

And this time is not alone, there is still a "partner", it seems that Liu Yuping is a resort of the honeymoon.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

The big flower snake is "led to the feet", but Liu Yuping is so good, so this time still did not catch them, let the big flower snake couple live, think about it is estimated to wait for a few days, the big fancy snakes are gone.

In the next day, Liu Yuping came out, busy with his own business, and try not to bother the big flower snake. I didn't think it was.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

These two big flower snakes did not leave in Liu Yuping, and the face was called a thick, completely did not treat himself out.

There is also a more outrageous. When Liu Yuping, Liu Yuping is sleeping at night, the snake is drilled in the window, and if you don't say it, you will climb to Liu Yuping's quilt.

Liu Yuping interview

Then, Liu Yuping sleeps asleep, the snake sleeps asleep. At that time, no one was born. Let's talk, if you want to think about it, you will think about it, a slippery snake climbed his bed, really getting a chicken skin, this is more horrible.

Liu Yuping interview

It is said that humanity is bullied. This person has to be bullied by the snake, and it is more horrible!

I don't know if Liu Yuping accounts for the wind and water, or this snake gives her "American name" everywhere. The snake "Borrow" is more and more, just like the initial sprays, do not say greetings at all.

Liu Yuping

Of course, the two snakes in the family have lived, they have not stopped, start "passing the world", the snake is a nest.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

Under the lead of these two big flower snakes, the other subsequent snakes have also followed, and the eggs are produced.

Liu Yuping, the heart is also old, every day, the huckle bee, sleep, let the snakes will take it slowly.

On that, Liu Yuping's home slowly became a snake's nest.

Liu Yuping interview

Liu Yuping interview

However, Liu Yuping can be not idle in these years.

Although Liu Yuping didn't hurt them, after all, a roof was 15 years, how to understand each other is not. In the dark observation of Liu Yuping so many years, she really found a lot of laws.

These big flower snakes are not from the head of Liu Yuping, and there is also a wave of waves. Just in the spring of each year, the spun snake is awkward, this is a few months.

During this time, Liu Yuping's family is clear. I came back to the seven-eight months. The big flower snakes came back again.

One year year, it is simply to regard Liu Yuping as a "mother home".

There is also a more amazing.

After so many years of peace of mind, 15 years ago, the big fancy snake is not attacked Liu Yuping to Liu Yuping, but very friendly. Liu Yuping interview

Even if Liu Yuping's family, the big fancy snake has never expounded hostile. Moreover, when Liu Yuping talks, these floral snakes seem to be able to understand Liu Yuping's meaning, very "spirituality".

Liu Yuping interview

Of course, although the spun snake did not say hello, he never had a rent, nor did it use it. The biggest role is to catch a mouse.

Liu Yuping took a living with beekeeping, the most annoying on weekdays is that the mouse is stealing. Also said that since the family lived in so many big flower snakes, it was a mouse and didn't see it again.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

No, even if you come, it will become a fistula. Let's talk about this, everyone can have a lot of confusion.

First of all, what kind of variety is the big flower snake, why not afraid?

If you live in rural areas, you will meet this spline snake. This kind of snake big "Wang Jin Snake". Because of its color, there is a similar flower, so there is a rustic little "vegetable snake" in the earth.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

Of course, different places are commonly known as. But listen to the name, you know how much this snake is.

Wang Jin Snake is super strong because of adaptability, so it is rampant, and it is rampant in China, and the distribution is very wide.

Like Liu Yuping lives in the northeast, there is also my country North China, East China, southwestern, etc., is a sentence, which has!

Sugar ~

However, the places where the big flower snake is relatively picky, like water or humid places. For example, what the big river is, what pond water doll, the most time you have to have a lot of places.

There is also a more cattle, Wang Jin snake is the snake of the Tour Snake Coocket.

And the thief is large, the longest can be 2.3-2.5 meters, with a weight of more than 20 pounds.

But I am not poisonous, so even if I see it, I don't have to be too scared.

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

But you can do not think that it is not poisoned, it is very weak. On the contrary, Wang Jin snake is very fierce.

Especially hive, fast, small-sized animals are not its opponent. The biggest feature is that the territory is very conscious, the name of the land snake is never blown out, so there is a saying in the countryside.

Therefore, Wang Jin snake is usually, not just what frog, mouse, bird, key it also eat snakes, even if the same kind of child, it is just a plate. So, this kind of creature in the biosphere, how can I be afraid?

Note: Due to true pictures, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the painting from the article.

Since Wang Jin Snake is very strong, why do you live in Liu Yuping's home?

For the general snake, it is indeed possible to stay in the home. After all, snakes are very sensitive, slightly a little unusual sound and slight sound, they start to teeth, just like the cats who fry the hair.

So even if the group will not live, how can I live in the home? But Wang Jin snake is so unreasonable. In the countryside, Wang Jin snake lives in the number of people in people's home, is not fresh, but like Liu Yuping, there is still a living in the family, it does have not heard it.

Liu Yuping

Moreover, Wang Jin Snake lives in the home, many times, it is also unhealthy, generally related to its food source and living environment. I want to be an animal on Liu Yuping's home, Wang Jin Snake will come to Liu Yuping's home.

Liu Yuping

Second, there is still one reason, this zone is originally the field of activities of Wang Jin Snake, but since the scope of human activities quickly expanded, it entered their territory range.

Plus, Liu Yuping is a soil house, even if it is hot summer, it is dark and humid.

Liu Yuping

Also, Liu Yuping lives, come and travel more, quiet, and is very comfortable to Wang Jin Snake, it is more comfortable than the Summer Villa.

So why did Liu Yuping's home be regarded as Wang Jin Snake in his own territory?

Liu Yuping interview

Although Wang Jin Snake is large, the character is ferric. But it is not the master of fighting every day.

Many animals in nature, as long as their security is not threatened, it is rare to attack humanity.

Love animals, everyone is responsible.

In 15 years with Liu Yuping, Liu Yuping has never taken the initiative to hurt them, so they naturally will not attack Liu Yuping. Wang Jin snake is also used to "peace model" of this "unharitage". It does not exist who threatens who.

Liu Yuping interview

You said that since you can have a peaceful day, who is willing to find it, every day. Moreover, this kind of Wang Jin snake like living at home is not possible.

Because they are called home snakes, it is very particular in China.

Note: Due to the real picture, it is not a real picture, I hope everyone can feel the picture from the article. It is a non-toxic snake living in the house, and they are not going to be on the girdress, and the eaves. Our old people think that, the snake will protect people, but it is considered a treasure of the town house, and the princes are added.

In the north, people are generally to protect their homeons living in their own room. There are also in Qinghai, if you find a snake at home, it is absolutely unable to hurt.

In addition, Fujian south, because the climate is very suitable for the survival of snakes, and the snake is more common, and people think that the snake is a ancestor to patrol the peace, and whoever enters, I will indicate who is safe.

Of course, these statements are not scientific, but also explain, let's have a sense of reason why people are harmonious and animal harmony.

But if there is really a snake? It is not that everyone is not afraid of snakes.

First, we have to put a mentality. Since human beings have developed in the natural environment, there are often animals in the family. For example, the southern elephant is getting more and more, it is a very good example.

But remember, my country's protection of wild animals is constantly increasing, many wild snakes can't kill at will, the mentality is better, we have to stabilize, don't move when you don't move.

Second, the reason why the snake will enter people's home, many times because of what mice, sparrow, swallows, these are the food of snakes, so they don't have these small animals as much as possible. .

However, I didn't have enough, I didn't eat it, the snake will not be able to go home because they are likely to come. Snakes prefer wet, hidden places. So, it's okay to sweep your family, ventilated with wind, this kind, the snake will not find the door.

Also, if there is still a snake to visit, you must keep quiet, don't be alarming them, call the relevant departments as soon as possible, such as the forestry department, public security, fire protection and other departments, After all, they are professional.

If it is not in time, you have to do it yourself, you must first learn to resolve the variety of snakes. The minimum can also be able to distinguish whether it is poisonous, some are more common in several poisonous snakes, everyone can understand.

If you really misfortune, you can tell the doctor in time. In this case, the doctor can deal with it in time, or it can be very delayed.

In addition, I remember not to believe in the bridges in the movie TV series, what is biting by a poisonous snake, no matter what three seven twenty eleven, go to suck, this will only make the toxins faster.

Remember not to believe in the bridges in the movie TV series, the poisonous snake bites, no matter how three seven twenty eleven, the mouth will take it, so it will only make the toxins dispersed faster.

The correct approach is: Try to minimize activities after being biting, tie the wound with rope or leather, try to minimize blood flow, the best people don't act, let others use water to help rinse the wound, if there is still, please Pick up the phone to shoot Zhang Zhao, to the doctor to the doctor, the doctor can quickly find the corresponding serum. Of course, the most important thing is to pick up the phone, call the emergency call, and hurt people!

At the moment, the country is increasingly focusing on protecting the ecological environment, and a large number of wildlife returns to nature, and the contact of human and animals is increasingly inevitable. Especially in remote areas, there are more wild animals, and there are more and more things in all kinds of animals.

Just like the snakes, there are reports, such as Yunnan, etc. The long snake chased, and he was not bitten by the snake.

Although most people "talk about the snakes", we still have to remember that protecting the animal everyone is responsible for the premise of protecting its own safety.