Flower high price counseling class achievement does not rise, parents: retreat fee

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Flower high price counseling class achievement does not rise, parents: retreat fee

2022-01-15 06:03:58 20 ℃

Modern Express News (Correspondent Yang Dynastist Gu Hao) In order to improve the child's academic achievement, Yangzhou, Mr. Li found a training institution and conduct a one-on-one counseling. I didn't expect the child to accept the counseling, the results did not make progress, but revealed that the cliff declined, and eventually only more than 20 points. To this end, Mr. Li helps to the Consumers Association, hoping to refund the score of the score.

"Last year, I gave the child a one-on-one mathematical training course. I thought that the child's mathematics score will definitely be less improved, who knows after a period of tutoring, children There is no further progress, there is nothing to say, I don't want to delay the valuable time, I want to refund, the training institution does not agree, what should I do? "Recently, Yangzhou Li came to Yangzhou City Consumers Association Seeking help.

According to Mr. Li, his children's results have always been very unsatisfactory, especially mathematics, so he wants to report less foreign training courses to children. In order to achieve the ideal effect, after more, he found a education and training institution, biting his teeth, gave the child a multi-mate training, because mathematics is particularly poor, so mathematics find a one-to-one teacher counseling. The two parties agreed that when the total class was 320 hours, 140 yuan per class, a total of 44,800 yuan, plus 200 yuan of integrated service charge, Mr. Li finally paid 45,000 yuan.

Mr. Li did not expect that after a period of time, other disciplines were still good, the mathematics results did not make progress, but it was a broken cliff. It turned out that there was a sixty-seven tits. Now only 20 points Such a results allow Mr. Li and his family unacceptable that Mr. Li believes that the child's mathematics results have declined, and the teachers of extracurricular training courses are difficult to blame, the other party has not fulfilled counseling responsibilities, causing their family to lose hope. According to this, he came to the training class and requested the return of all mathematics class. It can be negotiated many times, and Mr. Li has found the Consumers Association for help.

After accepting this complaint, the Consassin-related staff contacted this training institution, according to the math teacher, not he taught, but the child did not learn. "The child has a lot of training courses, which is resistant to this, plus it is not interested in mathematics. It is not good to listen to the mathematics." The teacher's words did not solve the problem, but the parents were angry. "It has been on so long. If the child is in this study, the training class should not reflect the situation to the parents? Our children are delayed by such teachers."

At the same time, Mr. Li is also regretted for his own behavior: "I originally thought that this training institution was in the name, and the tutoring effect was definitely worse. I didn't expect the teacher too be too responsible. The child's grades did not make progress, they did not make progress. Care."

Finally, after the dissolution of the association, the two sides reached a consensus agreement, and the training institution refused to return the income fees for most mathematics disciplines, a total of 8,000 yuan. Mr. Li also expressed satisfaction with this results. (In the literary characters