Linyi City, Qixi County, China Holding Table of New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Special Training Association

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Linyi City, Qixi County, China Holding Table of New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Special Training Association

2022-01-15 06:03:08 5 ℃

In-depth implementation of the provincial party committee, municipal party committee, and county committee epidemic prevention and control work deployment requirements, and give full play to the role of mens in the prevention and control of epidemic, and building the first line of defers. On the afternoon of January 12, Linyi City, Qixi County, Linyi City, held a special training meeting of net lens new crown pneumonia epidemic. The Standing Committee of the Qixian County Committee of Linyi City, Ren Shangfeng attended and speaking.

Ren Shangfeng demanded that the majority of netprints should unify thoughts and actions to the county party committee decision-making deployment, actively promote the implementation of the normalized epidemic prevention and control deployment and full chain precision prevention and control requirements, and play a good policy. To perform care, assist in the investigation of medium and high-risk areas and related personnel to investigate, assist in the implementation of grid environmental sanitation, village gathering places monitoring, epidemic prevention and control card point investigation, foreign person registration, etc., timely discovery problem hidden dangers, weaving Film epidemic prevention and control network. It is necessary to understand the needs of the masses in time, help the masses to solve practical difficulties, and properly deal with all kinds of disputes caused by epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of the rule of law to carry out the prevention and control related work, and do things in civilization, do things according to law, warm heart service, and avoid excessive management and poor practices. To comprehensively master the social households and personnel, strengthen the inspection of the online inspection, implement the "Daily Report" and "Zero Report" system. To strengthen the awareness of the people, actively assist local epidemic prevention and relevant departments to do the logistics support work of home isolation monitoring personnel, solve the people's worries, and ensure that it really plays in the prevention and control of epidemic.

Subsequently, Linyi County County Health Bureau, County CDC, and County Committee, the county committee, the business backbone of the county committee, how to carry out the role of the netfront epidemic prevention and control, how to carry out training in grid service management.

Editor: Hou Yunhan

Review: Di Red Sheng