The "Jiang Ge case" is exposed, and Liu Xin's retribution is finally here!

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The "Jiang Ge case" is exposed, and Liu Xin's retribution is finally here!

2022-01-15 06:03:21 4 ℃

Jiang Ge mother, beautiful!

5 years later, Jiang Ge mother finally revenge. She has only two enemies in this world:

One is the crazy man killed daughter. One is Liu Xin who puts his daughter as a meat shield. On January 10th, the first place in hot search is Liu Wen, Liu Xin, no matter how to change the name, you will become the people of the people. In fact, we don't accept the fragility of human nature. Even if you escape from the fear, we will flee the life of the girlfriend, in fact, you are just "conscience." But let Liu Xin, that is. Jiang Ge didn't die for 3 months. She began to do hair, bought a new package, play Selfie, showing a happy smile, as if the terrible blood case did not happen.

In the face of Jiang Ge mother, she is also a variety of rationalism of selfish behavior. Finally, even the whole family attacked Jiang Ge Mom, the sexual orientation of the river song, making a video to dislike their mother and female relationship, and the organizational water army continued to attack Jiang Ge mother at various platforms.

On the same day, Chongqing killed the father and the little three of him to do evil, and he was sentenced to death.

After their chat records the public, many people are ugly. Some people say that if a man dares to kill his children, such a man actually have people? A woman who has even a child's life, such a woman actually is willing to marry?

What is the wonderful men and women? This two things have a common point, that is, "extreme self-private personality". This personality is also commonly known as "exquisite self". Why didn't I call it "self-love personality"? Because they are more terrible than those who are "self-love", more concealment. In other words, they have the ability to have a super anesthesia, let others mistaken think they are really personal. When there is no conflict of interest, it will express it very perfect, so you can pay for him. Jiang Ge will be willing to protect the girlfriends, the one for paralysis, but deliberate to the daughter, so there is a man who will start with the child. Until they slammed their eyes behind us, we will not believe in their eyes, and they will try to defend them ... I have been married for 15 years, I have seen too many "extremely exquisite self-esteem". It is very simple to know, that is when they are hidden, will they concession? Most of the time, they will make you feel the best choice for a variety of rational ways. What they are best at doing is to brainwash those "there is no border, no bottom line, and a kind person". Starting their sympathy, conduct a variety of moral kidnappings, use their vast heart and protect you, ruthlessly exploit you, use you. For such a person, we must understand that our love, our distressed must give a worthwhile person, can't give such cold blood animals. I am particularly grateful to the court that Jiang Ge mother's 200,000 spiritual compensation, it means: How much a person's spirit is, how much compensation is needed. I hope that the law will give those spiritual compensation for women who have been passed by PUA, let this exquisite self-esteem, these emotions, there is nowhere to go, pour a home! What are you talking about?