I heard that the house will be levied, my parents are rumored to get married, daughter is off for 500 yuan to support

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I heard that the house will be levied, my parents are rumored to get married, daughter is off for 500 yuan to support

2022-01-15 06:02:38 5 ℃

Recently, these days are the late moment of 45-year-old Xu Mengcai. She took a child, and the worms were in a narrow rental house of a health club in Yushou County, Meishan City. This store is also working in Xu Mengxian.

The room is very wet, the water on the wall is faintly visible, and the things in the house are mixed with a chaotic, and Xu Mengxian is not a person, there is no extra space to place home.

Because of the homelessness, Xu Da Jie's husband is working with her, now two people are still in the deputy of the divorce, and she is clearly frank before and her, why went to this step?

That's because my husband can't stand it: One is that he heard the rumor about his wife, saying that she didn't know in the marriage and other men, the second is that the house in the family did not keep, actually by the father-in-law, mother, lead, resulting in no Home can be returned.

Let Xu Mengxian sad thing is not only the husband who has a rumor for a child. It is divorced with her, but the rumor is actually parental, have you heard such a parent?

Xu Mengxian often kneel in the bedside, crying, which is still like me, even there is no family?

The mother and daughter are arguing

Xu Mengxian felt that he had a half-life for his family. Now he is in danger. It is all the stones of the loved ones. It is good to make her more desperate than homeless.

Is Xu Mengxian that is now caused by the biological parents? In order to explore, the emotional reporter interviewed Xu Mengxian's Hon Dado.

Huang Dado said, how can I have the right not to come back? Obviously she is not willing to come back, but also to drive out our old couple out of the house, we really want to move out, can you go?

Both parties say that they are harmful people, what is the power to make the child's mother and daughter become enemies? This is blamed for Xu Mengxian's sister 15 years to serve, and it is free.

During the sentence, everything was burdered by my sister Xu Mengxian, and Xu Mengxian was still living with his parents. The family had fun, never had any contradictions, but the little girl returned home, everything has changed.

After the little girl came back, she also lived in the old house. At this time, the village is about to be levied, and the little girl is uneasy, I want to have a piece of a piece in the house.

What Xu Mengxian did not expect that parents actually stand on the side of the girl.

Exchange each other

Now the problem came out, when the old room refurbished, all the money from Xu Mengxian and her husband, according to the capital, the old house, the old house, the home of the house, the parents, the parents will naturally will not have step.

In order to solve the problem of the house, on the 25th of last month, Xu Mengxian returned to the hometown of Qiantang Town, Renshou County, found the mother Huang Madai, and discussed the problem of the home of the old house.

The mother and child did not say a few words, it was noisy, even once pulled, Xu Mengxian went to the mother and did not talk about family, Huang Dafu also accused to recruit Xu Mengxian is a scourge, both parties are refused, and negotiating will not have it.

It turned out that Xu Meixian as a home for the family, belonging to the door, the account has been with his parents, which is the same as the old house, and Xu Ermei arrived in the first time, the account naturally moved out.

After Xu Ermei came out, he was married with her husband. The account naturally moved back to his parents. It also became one of the family members, which faced a problem. Once the house is levied, Xu Ermei also has a partner.

Xu Mengxian did not agree that these years of family expenditures include supporting their parents to rely on themselves, and their sisters don't pay for the white house.

Xu Mengxian emotional excitement

Parents did some eccentric two daughters, after all, they wanted to leave a little legacy for the second daughter, but the economic conditions were limited, so the only way is that the real estate is only from the big daughter.

The house is the money is Xu Mengxian and her husband. How can Xu Mengxian agree?

Huang Da Niang did not agree with Xu Mengxian's alone, in her opinion, although she didn't pay money, but when she was covered, she had a grain and oil when she was eating and drinking. When her daughter had money, it was a borrowed to help her. Money, the external land is still under the name of the old man, so there is reason to determine the home of the house.

Xu Mengxian felt that the mother was unable to benefit, and the father did help himself borrowing money, but more than 1 million foreign debts, all his husband is still.

The contradiction between the two sides is produced, essentially competes for the only house, especially one may face a house, get a house.

Since then, the parents combined with Xu Mengxian, and a family divided into two camps.

After the parents are fell into the big daughter, the husband is divorced, and the camp is divided into internalization.

Xu Mengxian doesn't understand why you are isolated

Xu Father also has great comments on her daughter. He gave an emotional reporter to have an agreement signed by the daughter before the beginning of the daughter.

Agreement clearly wrote that two daughters give their parents 500 yuan to support their parents, and the rights of the house belongs to Xu Mengxian, but the ownership of the house should be determined by the law.

This protocol can be translated into popular translations, and the house belongs to the parents. As long as the big daughter supports parents, she has the right to live.

After Xu Mengxian signed the agreement, the more embarreled it, the more it is, this is the overlord terms, and the parents said that she will live in the house, but I don't intend to pay the house to her name, so she is an angry, broken 500 yuan alimony. Xu Father saw the big daughter. I actually made a little bit of glasses. He also called the little daughter to give him the support, the reason is that your sister did not pay, you can't suffer.

In this way, the parents did eccentric two daughters, Xu Mengxian proposed a new program, and the house can be under your name, but all the benefits above the ground are owned by himself.

Xu Mengxian also put forward that Xiaomei wants to share the cup or compensate that I originally make a house.

Xu Father, big daughter

Both parties have made the overlord clause for their own interests, naturally, Xu Mengxian and the mother have been completed, she returned to Renshou County, I want to find a sister to discuss this.

Xu Ermei didn't plan to see my sister, so Xu Mengxian fuff himself. She can only communicate through the phone and my sister. Xu Ermei said on the phone. Since my account is bombing the old room, since everyone should pay, my account is In the authenticity, it is reflected, you must have my part, you want to be exclusive.

When Xu Big sister listened to the fire, I originally won the money in the house, where are you? You still squat in it, now come out, want to open the white wolf? The conversation between the sisters is no longer scattered.

The local community has repeatedly mediated Xujia because of the contradictions of this house, but signed an agreement to repent, there is always one side to think that they will suffer, so they have not been mediated.

Since it is not correct, the two sides decided to take the legal process, and a family finally arrived at the point of revenge, let people go.

Both sides sometimes miss before, after all, once a relative, but they have ignored a little, and the current is only a small news.

Xu Mengxian collapsed

For the benefit, the brothers have not seen the opposition, but the parents and their children are still heard, and they are to date, is it worth it?

A house, four people want, it seems that it is not enough, with this family's opinion, it is not poor, but is self-proclaimed.

As a parent, the house is left to the child's heavens, and you are so good to grab your daughter now. After a hundred years, you can't still have her? Why don't you let go of your right to die? Since the house is all the big daughter, how do you have her part, don't leave her, and it's almost the same.

Besides Xu Mengxian, you really have to cover the house, but since the land authentication is still under the name of the parents, they have to leave a share, otherwise no one will be uncomfortable, even if the house is all gives parents, you don't plan to raise their old ?

It is obviously to the pro, but puts the interests in family first, can only make people smile, and more jokes, the house is only rumors.

For a rumor, you can let your loved ones directly face, if you really have it, is it still doing it?

Before the mother and daughter, tear

For the back of the relatives, relatives is that the parents have a bowl of water, causing the inner imbalance of the big daughter.

During this case, this Xu Ermei is not authentic. You have closed for 15 years. The costs during the period have always been a boy, but you will not only think about how to report, but think about how to take advantage of how you take advantage of your sister's house, this is not a gifted enemy What is it?

Big sister is resolutely unhappy, on the one hand, I don't want you to open the white wolf. On the other hand, I don't want to cut meat from my heart, this damage is from the mainland.

In this sister dispute, if the parents can have a bowl of water, we will work from the sister relationship, properly handle the property, and may not come to this step, but the parents use the convenience of the hand-in-the-handed homestead. Let the big daughter feel that I have been isolated, if she does not resist, is there any other choice?

What can't be understood is that parents actually make a daughter to marry out, directly lead to divorce to the daughter, or doing things with my own parents?

I can't help but doubt whether the two elderly people want to use this way to go to the son-in-law, reduce people who share a house share?

Still fighting for it

In the face of property segmentation, sometimes "first-war" is more reasonable than "first gift", the former is the prevention needle, the latter is like a knife.

Regarding the problem, the reason why it is still not resolved today, the problem is that there is no agreement to clarify the property of the property before, I estimate that the family did not expect to make a happiness.

Whether it is a parent or Xu Meixian, I miss Xu Ermei not coming for 15 years, not what opinions have they have for Xu Ermei, but the whole family is in the same relationship, no one thought for it to hurt their loved ones.

Because of this, the old couple did not sign an agreement with the big daughter. In the case of today's entanglement, it is unclear, after all the two sides have signed an agreement, it has been self-satisfied with the interests, and the hearts of the year have no preparation. It doesn't matter, so it will not be able to take effect after the agreement.

If the old couples have signed an agreement with two daughters, clarify the property of the property, let everyone have advanced mental preparation, will it cause today's trouble?

First put the scorpion first, it is a kind of wisdom, giving each other down the stairs space.

Xu Mengxian doesn't know where to go from :

Since both parties are not willing to make a step, the final house is the issue of the property, can only be handed over to the law.

But I believe that no matter who is finally winning, there will be no real winners. After all, the house has not been dismantled, and the family is detached.

For a house, parents don't hesitate to hurt their daughters to divorce, and they are also for a house, and the daughter is not a parent, no longer supporting parents.

The most precious thing in the world is family, the house is also just a residence, it can help the house of the relatives, otherwise it is different from the iron cage.

A family lives under a roof, the group is round and beautiful, is it good?

Xu Jia people do so, no matter who gets the house or lost the house, this home does not exist, but unfortunately they still have not known.