"One time I have finished either the window" This is Harbin's "bungal mode"

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"One time I have finished either the window" This is Harbin's "bungal mode"

2022-01-15 06:03:41 11 ℃

On December 15, the Ping An China Construction Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Ping An China construction 140 advanced collectives, 129 advanced individuals were commended, and they were awarded 60 Ping An China Construction Demonstration City and 160 Ping An China Construction Demonstration County. The Harbin Pingfang District passed the strict procedures such as a step-by-step declaration, verification, publicity, and review, as the only list of the county (district) in Harbin, "2017-2020 Ping An China Construction Demonstration County (District)".

Since October 2018

The integrated window reform of the bungalow area has been

Implementation of reception comprehensive acceptance, background classification approval

Express Office Mode for Integrated Window Original

Director Zhao Jinhua, Director of the Administrative Approval Service Center of the Pingshou District, Harbin:

The current entry of our government service hall, achieving 754 government service matters, and a window can handle it.

Innovation government people's livelihood service system

Call the public service "The last km"

Administrative Approval Service Center was established for

In order to achieve this office mode

The bungalow area puts 30 million yuan

Relying on "China Yungu" industry cluster advantage

Cooperate with Harbin Institute of Technology

Using PPP Operation Mode

Building a national first-class

The first urban operation center in the three provinces of Northeast China

This mainly gathers the data of all ministries and commission bureaus of the flat house area. So far, the data has 200 million, and the other will integrate all the appeal platforms, saying that the public's hotline, emergency and public security and urban management Data, all are collected here.

Express City Operation Center

"2 + 10" government service

10G fiber ring

Buy Basic Project Construction of Cloud Computing Services

Effectively enhances the modernization of grassroots social governance

At the same time, the planned government has invested 430 million yuan.

Built into the first advanced computing center in Northeast

Create a large-scale super-cost public service platform

Kong Deming, deputy director of the Synthetic Combat Command Center of the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau:

In September last year, we received a continuous alarm, and some people slammed the property. Every time it is seven or eight, when you can reach around 20.

This smashing robin suspect in the bungalow area

Have rich experience and strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities

Comprehensive use of camouflage, bypass

Drain the fence and other behaviors attempt to circumvent monitoring

Due to the bungalow All-channel video surveillance full coverage

Soon the police found suspect's traces

After the police monitor data, the repeated comparison of data

Finally locked the suspect

And in Harbin Road

Call the suspect in the latent evacuation

Miao Jianyu, deputy director of the deputy director of the Pingshou District, Harbin:

The street patrol, anti-rigid, police station, safe volunteers, etc., etc., to include the command system. The defensive case of the whole district fell by 31.4% year-on-year, and the public security criminal case has a low innovation, and thousands of people have maintained the lowest in the city.

Relying on the overall layout of "Smart City"

Implant information to implant the information prevention and control of various fields

Bold innovation and steadily advance

Whether it is in business operations in corporate economy

or residents' daily life

This set of intelligent, information-based

"Bungal Mode" has played a core effect

This time is the only list of Harbin on the list (area) is awarded

"2017-2020 Ping An China Construction Demonstration County (District)"

It is to be said to be a definitely for the achievement of the government's work.

Wang Tao, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Pingshou District Committee of Harbin:

Actively explore the new era of Fengqiao experience, create a new development pattern of politics, rule of law, virtue, autonomous, intelligent, and five-cured, gain a sense, happiness and satisfaction with the broad masses of the people in the flat house area.


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