New version of Pan Jinlian!Shandong woman is holding with lover, and the guy with lovers will be distressed.

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New version of Pan Jinlian!Shandong woman is holding with lover, and the guy with lovers will be distressed.

2022-01-15 06:04:06 11 ℃

It has such a sentence on the network, saying that some marriage is like an orange, deleting the disc is sweet, but some marriage is like a coconut, the joke is big but no benefits.

In all the emotional world, marriage also needs to run, only constantly communicating, the shoulder is responsible, loyal to each other, and achieve good results.

However, if the company and the two parties communicate, with the passage of time, the temperature of the feelings will gradually decline, and even eventually become an unbearable consequence.

RYU, 35 years old, yes, although her husband loves her very much, I also give her a comfortable life, but it is often not in her side. When you are in love, you are 侬 I all day, now get married, her The husband has put all his energy into the work, sometimes in more than half a month, can not see others, and even the phone is not often there.

This is a coffee shop near the unforgettable RYU. At first, RYU opened the shop very enthusiastic, her husband also supported her, then she will decorate the decoration, prepare some open projects, wait until everything is ready Dragon, I haven't recruited it yet.

"Oh, I am really confused."

Therefore, RYU and hurry to post some recruitment information, soon, there is a young man to interview.

His name is Zhang, in a university, studying nearby due to poor families, schools, and needs some overhead, so they are looking for part-time to make money.

Summary, RYU sees others, then he will stop staying without hesitation.

At first, the two were only ordinary employment relationships, and RYU worked hard to store business, she and Zhang Hope store is getting better and better.

However, the possible reason RYU does not lack the money, even if the store has invested a lot of money, RYU still does not feel any pressure, just for time.

Over time, she has the enthusiasm of storage and cooling, looking at windows and crowds, RYU feels very bored, she starts to chat with Zhang.

In the process of chatting, she told her husband to be an contractor, the family is not lacking, open the store, because they are bored, want to find something, and study Zhang tells her own personal experience.

The simple temperament is different, and the husband is more quiet, making the dream of literature, when I still a child, RYU likes him, the feelings between the two are warm and frequent chat.

I know that some women Zhang Xiaodian will sometimes bring some small gifts to your boss manual RYU, gradually, gift, RYU even make Zhang, Zhang Shunqi naturally accepted.


You said that your husband will come back, "At home, RYU is standing with her private Zhang, surprised.

"Don't be so excited, the first thing is not a solution"

We do something, a thousand years have been discovered, if you are big, the school will fire me "

"I hide, how can he find it, that is, we will contact us later.

Before, in the middle, the latter two men want to find the feelings don't want to give up this feeling, so Zhang put the goal in RYU's husband, but after all, marriage for many years, her husband has been very good for himself, RYU hesitated, he started.

Zhang continued to lure her, "Yes, you want, if you divorce your husband, he is definitely not willing to give you a lot of money. At that time, why don't you rely on a coffee shop business, but if he is dead, money is you…


Under the urge, RYU finally

That day, when her home had no husband for a long time, her first eyebrow eyes smile to meet him, he prepared a sumptuous lunch, the contractor saw the wife gentle and sakeful, natural heart, because she bov I originally agreed that two people went to shop after lunch, after dinner, the contractor suddenly felt very uncomfortable, think he was tired, he fell asleep.

He doesn't think that his gentle wife is eating and reducing medicine. Seeing the contractor has lost awareness, the wife RYU common lover Zhang killed him, decomposed with the body, with a black plastic bag, throwing in the trash can Outside.

Soon, the sanitation workers found by the plastic bag, reported to the police, the police immediately investigated the matter, will soon RYU Zhang and her lover.

According to the provisions of the Article 232 of the Criminal Law, murder, death penalty, life imprisonment or in prison;

The degree is lighter, and it is sentenced to three years in prison, but not more than ten years.

RYU and Zhang have killed her husband, dismel the body, the harsh and cruel method.