Shanghai Domain Tour Taxi Market is adjusted on January 15!No clear code price vehicle will be a fine of 2000 yuan

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Shanghai Domain Tour Taxi Market is adjusted on January 15!No clear code price vehicle will be a fine of 2000 yuan

2022-01-15 06:03:14 3 ℃

From January 15th, the Shanghai city cruise taxi will be adjusted.

The reporter learned from the Shanghai Communications Commission that every domestic cruise taxi car must post the freight floating amplitude publicity, let passengers clearly consume. If you have not implemented the margin price, each car will be fined 2000 yuan.

Super rental mileage price adjustment

2.7 yuan / km

This market cruise taxi freight system adjustment includes:

Super rental mileage price is adjusted from 2.5 yuan / km to 2.7 yuan / km;

Low-speed waiting rates are charged for 1 km per 4 minutes to adjust the price of 1.5 km over the rental mileage price for each 4 minutes.

Increase significant holiday surcharge, the surcharge of 10 yuan / single, National Day holiday during the Spring Festival holiday, and the National Day holiday and labor festival (May 1 small holiday) surcharge 5 yuan / single.

At the same time, take the "Benchmark Radio ± Floating Amplitude" mode.

At 7:00 to 10:00, from 16:00 to 19, the eligible domestic tour taxis operators can choose from 5% of the freight rate;

At 10 o'clock to 16 o'clock, the eligible local cruise taxi operators can choose the price of 5% of the freight rate;

The freight rate in other periods is not floating.

It is reported that combined with the adjustment of the freight rate, the urban tour vehicle will update the window transportation label, posted public notice labels including the freight rate, the amplitude and other content, and the vehicle top lamp will also display the current period of the car floating amplitude. Make sure passengers know in time.

At the same time, in "Two Third Station" (Hongqiao Airport, Pudong Airport, Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Hongqiao High-speed Railway) Taxi Waiting District has been publicly publicized in advance, and it is convenient for Shanghai passengers to understand the city's freight rate.

In addition, the platform in which the city provides the tourist appointment service will release the prompt information of the market price adjustment of the market, the public can also visit the official website of the Shanghai Road Transportation Administration or through the taxi unified platform - the application The freight rate of automotive enterprises is floating.

No Zhang Shipping Price Floating Amplitude Public Notice

Each car is fine for 2,000 yuan

With the adjustment of the freight rate, the Municipal Transportation Commission is carrying out the special work of promoting service quality, focusing on the car, the driver's instrument and refusal, bargaining, etc., so that the passenger feels significantly improved by the taxi service level.

"Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission on the discretion (revised draft)" (referred to as "discretion standard") ("Discretion Standards") (referred to as "Discretion Standards") ("Discretion Standards") is in consulting public opinions.

The newly revised "Discretion Base" is scheduled to be stated in the compartment, and each vehicle will be fined 2000 yuan per vehicle.

One of these five situations

Will be punished

It is proposed to further increase the punishment for refusal behavior - the driver's first rejection behavior and one of the following five situations will be punished. Specifically, including ↓↓

The current refusal behavior is subject to passengers, or it has been rejected by passengers;

Affected by media exposure, there is a negative social impact;

Refuse to accept, hinder or use violence to resist law enforcement;

Rough, harsh or insult passengers;

There are other serious circumstances or other serious consequences.

The white seat cover is installed in accordance with the regulations.

Each car is fine for 2,000 yuan

At the same time, the cruise vehicle is required to fully install the white seat cover.

The vehicle entry cycle must not exceed one week, at least one second-level cleaning and regular maintenance, focus on the inside of the compartment, seat, window, headrest and other parts of the car, establish a vehicle entry inspection and maintenance file.

Ensure that the operating vehicle body outside the vehicle body, the body glass, the vehicle environment, and the operation facilities are complete. If you do not install the white seat cover in accordance with the regulations, each car will be fined 2000 yuan.